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Missed Bins in Piccadilly and Atherstone

Sorry, we have missed black bins in Piccadilly and missed some green bins in Atherstone: Lister Road, Mythe View, Tudor Crescent and Repington Avenue. Please leave them out we will collect tomorrow.


Litter - Report, General Information and Appeals.

Litter isn't nice, and the Borough Council together with Parish and Town Councils provide and empty enough bins that there is no need to drop any.  Ever.  Not seeing a bin or a notice is no excuse, nor is the fact that somebody else has already done so.  Litter spoils our environment, feeds rats and flies, and causes danger. Please use a litter bin or take your rubbish home for the dustbin or recycling - every aluminium drinks can recycled saves enough power to use a computer for 20 minutes!  If you see a full or overflowing litter bin, please report it on 01827 715341 to get it emptied.

Enforcement > people who drop litter can be prosecuted or can be given an instant fixed penalty notice (fine) of £80, issued by the Police or the Council if our staff see the offence or it is on CCTV.  Please avoid this risk by BINNING LITTER or taking it home.  If a Council officer asks for your name and address in relation to an alleged offence YOU MUST ANSWER HONESTLY.  Refusing to answer or giving false or incomplete details is a separate and more serious offence.

Some people ask if you can 'appeal' a fixed penalty notice (fine) for dog fouling or litter etc. - the answer is "A fixed penalty notice (NOT a fine) for littering, or dog fouling, or many other things is like speeding. The recipient can choose to contest it (appeal if you like) by refusing the FPN or not paying it and then taking their chance in a Magistrates Court, with all the costs and risks associated with it. Paying the FPN is not an admission of guilt, but it offers an alternative to summons for prosecution, and avoids a criminal record or conviction. So there isn't an appeal as such, but if people wish to informally question the circumstances of the issue of the fixed penalty notice, they may do so to myself as service manager, preferably in writing or by Email but can speak with me first if appropriate. I can explain the evidence and have authority to discontinue action or recovery of that sum. Unpaid FPNs will usually result in a request for interview under caution or by post, when the alleged offender can offer their explanation from which a decision to summons or not will be made. That, effectively, gives two opportunities to 'appeal' before the case gets to Court."

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