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Missed Bins in Piccadilly and Atherstone

Sorry, we have missed black bins in Piccadilly and missed some green bins in Atherstone: Lister Road, Mythe View, Tudor Crescent and Repington Avenue. Please leave them out we will collect tomorrow.

Car Parking Review

Car Parking Review - January 2009

A review of car parking in Atherstone was commissioned by the Council in October 2008 both as part of the ongoing accommodation project (in order to assess the existing parking capacity within the town) and also to measure the likely impact of the increased rail service to London which was introduced at the end of 2008 and which had been raised by local residents, town and borough councillors as an area of concern . 
The report concludes that sufficient car parking exists until 2018 at the earliest and that capacity could be increased in the short to medium term if necessary.  The report covers numerous methods of managing car parking facilities and proposes several short, medium and longer term measures. 
Understandably, the consultants employed to carry out the study examined the role of charging in the context of car park management.  It should be stressed, however, that although details on charging are provided in the report they, like all the recommendations, represent the view of the consultants and are provided for information only. There are currently no proposals to introduce charging for public car parking within Atherstone (or elsewhere in the Borough.

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