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Missed Bins in Piccadilly and Atherstone

Sorry, we have missed black bins in Piccadilly and missed some green bins in Atherstone: Lister Road, Mythe View, Tudor Crescent and Repington Avenue. Please leave them out we will collect tomorrow.


Graffiti Removal

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The Council will remove any graffiti on Council owned property within the Borough. This includes:

  • Public buildings,
  • Public land,
  • Street name plates,
  • Road signs

Offensive graffiti will be removed as soon as possible.

The Council is not responsible for the removal of graffiti from private properties but can in certain circumstances serve "Graffiti Removal Notices" on the owners of the affected properties. These notices would only be issued as a last resort as the property owners are also victims of this type of unsocial behaviour.

The Contact Centre details are:

Requests for this service can be made by telephone on 01827 715341, or fax on 01827 719225. You can also visit or write to this office or can request the service by Email, at

Comments on the service or complaints about it can be made by telephone to the Contact Centre 01827 715341, or fax on 01827 719225 or email
Or by writing to: Streetscape, NWBC, The Council House, South Street, Atherstone, Warks, CV9 1BE.


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