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Street Works Licence

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Statutory Undertakers, Gas, Electric, Water and Telecommunications, have a right to open any part of the highway (subject to due notification to the Highway Authority) in order to install or maintain their equipment in publicly maintainable highway.

This right to excavate the highway can be extended to any private individual, developer or contractor on application to the Highway Authority for a Street Works Licence, which grants temporary authority to excavate the highway during the duration of those works.

Failure to apply for a licence before starting any works, is an offence under the Highways Act and the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991. Any breach of this requirement may result in prosecution with the full recovery of all costs involved and removal of any equipment installed during those works.

All Street Works Licences granted are subject to the legislation requirements of the New Roads and Street Works 1991 and its associate Codes of Practice.

For more information and to apply for a licence please visit Warwickshire County Council's Website.


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