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Holybank Estate, Austrey

Due to road resurfacing we have been unable to empty the bins today. We will attempt to empty them on Thursday.

Weather advice


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Heat wave/drought

We offer simple and effective advice on keeping safe and well in summer, to ensure that all can enjoy the weather whilst protecting ourselves and others from potentially fatal affects.

Health risks

Young children and older people are at particular risk from the effects of the heat and overexposure to the sun, though it is important for us all to realise the effects extreme heat has on our bodies and take steps to protect ourselves, from things such as dehydration, heat stroke and skin cancer. Remember it doesn't have to be hot for the UV index to be high.


Although not yet experiencing the water shortages as in the south east of the country the midlands has experienced a dryer than average winter and a hot, dry summer has the potential to lead to drought conditions. It is therefore important that as well as ensuring our own safety in the hot weather we do our best to conserve water and protect the environment.

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