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Environmental Information Regulations 2004

Requests for Environmental Information - A Public Guide

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Request Environmental Information Form

The Council receives and holds information on environmental matters in the normal course of its business. The Freedom of Information Act 2000 [FoIA] and Environmental Information Regulations 2004 [EIR] establish the principle of a public RIGHT TO KNOW, and to have access to that information, with some limited exceptions. The Council has written a publication scheme which details the information which is generally available.

Some environmental information is held on public registers, held at the Council Offices (Environmental Health / Regulatory or Planning). You are entitled to view them free of charge in normal office hours, but we would recommend that you make an appointment so that it can be quickly located and provided to you with a comfortable place to study it. You may also want a member of staff to explain complex issues and assist you. Copies of the information are available, though not always immediately, and can be provided of reasonable costs which will be explained to you. If you require the information on a CD-ROM, floppy disc, Email or other format we will try to meet all reasonable requests.

Our standard scale of fees and charges is;

  • Paper / posted** Staff time* + copying/printing and any binding + postage and packing
  • Fax Staff time* + telephone call rate charged per page transmitted
  • Email# Staff time* only
  • PC floppy disc# Staff time* + £1.00 for disc(s), postage and packing
  • PC CD-ROM# Staff time* + £2.00 for disc(s), postage and packing
  • There is a minimum charge per enquiry (excepting any fixed-price or free-of-charge information as detailed, or that not exceeding the 'fee floor') of £12:50.

# text information as Word document, or notepad/other by arrangement, spreadsheet as Excel file. All discs supplied will be labelled and new, believed to be virus free (recipients are advised to have each disc or Email file checked by their own virus sweeping software prior to acceptance and installation at the recipients risk - NWBC accepts no liability for any compatibility problems or unintended consequence of files sent in good faith).

* Staff time costed at £25.00 per hour or part thereof

** additional hard copies provided at cost of additional copying/printing and any binding + postage and packing ONLY

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