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Bin Collection Days - Whitehouse Road – Dordon – B78 1QF

Record details

Bank Holiday Information
No collections 25 - 29 Dec. Collections due on Monday 1st Jan will be collected 2 days EARLIER on SATURDAY 30 Dec
Road Town Village
Whitehouse Road – Dordon – B78 1QF
About your collection
Black bins are emptied on alternate weeks to red/green bins. Please separate paper and cardboard from glass, plastic and tins. Sometimes if the normal wagon is being repaired or has broken down, unfortunately we have to put the materials altogether. In these situations recycling is then sorted at the recycling facility.
Collection Day
Download your calendar for bin collection dates Your collection day is Wednesday download your calendar here
Black Bin
What can I put in my black lidded bin?
Red Lidded Bin
What can I put in my red lidded bin?
Green Bin
What can I put in my green bin?
Advice on maggots
Advice on maggots