We are open for applications

How much can I apply for?

The minimum grant that we will offer is £2,500 and the maximum £50,000. The maximum grant rate is normally capped at 40% of the eligible project costs (some exceptions apply see LEADER Handbook.)

How can I apply?

If you are interested in applying for funding please contact the LEADER Programme Team who will discuss your project and send you the necessary forms, samples can be viewed here.

What will LEADER fund?

Projects must support the local rural economy by creating jobs, increasing business turnover, or increasing the number of visitors to the area.

It must fit into one of the six priorities:

  • Farming productivity
  • Micro and small enterprise including farm diversification
  • Tourism
  • Cultural and heritage
  • Rural services
  • Forestry productivity

Where is the NWHB LEADER area?

Check the LEADER map to see if you are located within the LEADER area. Project smust be delivered in the LEADER area and support the local rural economy.

Who can apply?

LEADER will fund farmers, growers, foresters, community groups and local micro and small businesses (businesses with fewer than 50 employees).