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What is the Local Plan for North Warwickshire

Core Strategy DPD

The Core Strategy forms a key part of the Local Plan (formerly the Local Development Framework (LDF) for North Warwickshire . It contains a vision and strategic objectives for the Borough, as well as Core Policies that will set the basis for directing development for the next 15 to 20 years.

The Core Strategy has been  merged with the Site Allocations and Development Management Plan to form a new Local Plan

Current Status of Core Strategy - ADOPTED

 After making changes in line with the recommendations contained within the Inspector's Report, the Council formally adopted the Core Strategy.

The Core Strategy now forms part of the Council's emerging Local Plan (formerly known as the Local Development Framework)  and replaces, in part, the North Warwickshire Local Plan 2006.

Meaningful Gap

Policy NW19 of the Adopted Core Strategy refers to the provision of a “Meaningful Gap” between Polesworth/Dordon and Tamworth, to maintain the separation between the settlements and respect their separate identities.

Following consultation, amendments have been made and the final Report  and associated documents can be seen below

Last updated Thursday, 6th December 2018

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