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What is the Local Plan for North Warwickshire

Annual Monitoring Reports

The Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) is a Local Development Document and forms part of the Local Development Framework. It's purpose is to monitor the effectiveness of policies and proposals within the local Development Plan Documents, and to monitor the extent to which targets are being met, including those set out in the Local Development Scheme. The results of the AMR will have a direct input into the annual revision of the Local Development Scheme.

Download  Annual Monitoring Reports (These contain latest housing supply reports/figures including Gypsy and Traveller)

Further Monitoring Information

  • Gross Completions 2006 - 2017 - This document lists the number of Housing Completions between 2006 and 2016 (March) by settlement in the order they appear in the Local Plan settlement hierarchy, indicating the amount delivered inside and outside the development boundary for each settlement. The table also includes the current number of houses under construction and planning consents outstanding but not yet started

Infrastructure Funding Statement

Infrastructure Funding Statement December 2020

Last updated Friday, 21st May 2021

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