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Local Plan Examination

The North Warwickshire Local Plan was formally submitted to the Secretary of State on 27th March 2018 for independent examination.

Inspector Tom Bristow BA MSc MRTPI has been appointed to conduct the examination to determine whether the above named Local Plan is sound and Kerry Trueman has been appointed as the Programme Officer and can be contacted using the details below

By email -

Telephone -  07582 310364

The Local Plan Submission has been advertised in the Local Press and letters were sent out to specific consultees in accordance with the Regulations

Given individuals’ availability, and in the light of responses from the Council to the Inspector’s preliminary note (INSP1), hearings in relation to the strategic elements of the Local Plan  will be held in September (25th - 27th September). Similarly guidance to participants and an indicative examination programme may be found on our Local Plan Examination Page (Post Submission)

The Council have produced a Guide (NWBC15) to show the Documents that the Council are working on and expected dates that they will be sent to the Inspector. This document will be updated accordingly

Latest News 8 February 2019

The Examination Library has been updated with a further Examination Update Note (INSP13), Draft Programme of Hearings Further Update (INSP4B), Updated Draft Hearing Matters, Issues and Questions (INSP5A) and the Agendas for Matters 5 (INSP14), Matter 6 (INSP15), Matter 7 (INSP16) and Matter 8 (INSP17).

There is also an updated version of the schedule of Main Modifications now available, containing revisions and inclusions compared to the previous version (NWBC20A).

Representors wishing to submit position statements in respect of Matters 9 and 10 should do so by 1700 on 8th March 2019 in line with the guidance in INSP3. Please inform the Programme Officer by 1700 on 21st February 2019 should you wish to participate or observe at Matter 9, 10 or the administration sessions; please specify which session or issue if that is the case. Any procedural observations regarding INSP13, or the documents referenced above, should be made at the soonest opportunity to the Programme Officer by 1700 on 21st February 2019 at the latest

Latest News 11 January 2019

Participants should be aware, as has also been notified to individuals via letters from the PO and via the Council’s social media, that the next hearing sessions in respect of the North Warwickshire Local Plan, in relation to strategic matters 5, 6, 7 and 8 [INSP5] will be held on 26, 27 and 28 February. Details are in a revised examination programme [INSP4A]. In that latter document the inspector has also set out indicative timings for the publication of further matters issues and questions and the timings in respect of matters 9 and 10, site allocations and development management policies. Whilst not inviting any contributions at this stage, if any Representors have any comments on INSP4A, please could these be received by the Programme Officer (see above) at the soonest opportunity. Representors are reminded to advise the Programme Officer of the intention to attend or to participate in hearing sessions regarding strategic matters 5, 6, 7 and 8 by 25 January (which will form the basis for agendas). The Inspector’s notification letter on indicative timings for the publication of further matters, issues and questions and the timings for hearings in respect of matters 9 and 10, site allocations and development management policies, is available to view here - Document PO3 – Inspector’s notification letter regarding INSP4A.

Latest News 20th December 2018

The Inspector’s note following initial Examination Hearings has recently been sent to the Council,  INSP12, which also relates to the future progress of the Examination. The Councils initial response is available here NWBC22.

Latest News 6th December 2018

Following the closure of hearings in September the Inspector is currently considering the complex issues raised, with a view to publishing a note of initial findings (which will also address the future progress of the examination). The note will be sent to the Council and placed on the website as soon as possible

Latest News 15th October 2018

Following the first week of Examination Hearings, several documents have now been published on the Examination website (NWBC16 to NWBC20, PS.M3.07a, PS.M5.08,  and AD34 to AD38). They relate to matters raised during hearings in respect of strategic matters 1 to 4. Appropriate opportunity will be made to comment on them as the Examination progresses.

Document NWBC20 includes the Council’s initial schedule of Main Modifications to the Local Plan which have arisen in discussion to date. That schedule is published in the interests of openness and is in draft: it does not indicate that such modifications are required in their current form, or otherwise (see INSP1 and INSP2).

As explained during the hearings it is the Inspector’s intention to publish an Examination note, including taking account of the above, at the soonest opportunity. ‘Latest News’ on the Examination website will be updated accordingly.     

Latest News 17th September 2018

Agendas for each matter to be covered during the first week of examination hearings have now been published (INSP8, INSP9, INSP10, INSP11).* They include reference to those who have informed us that they wish to participate.

Participants and interested parties should consult those documents in order to ensure attendance at the correct juncture. To note that all morning sessions will commence at 09:30 and afternoon sessions at 14:00 at Council House, South Street, Atherstone CV9 1DE.  

As set out in INSP3, please inform the programme officer at the soonest opportunity if you have any specific requirements in relation to attendance and participation or questions regarding the agendas.

*Strategic matters 1-4 as set out in INSP5, namely the Duty to Cooperate, Other Legal Compliance, Housing and spatial approach/alternatives

Latest News 12th September 2018

A draft Schedule of Examination Hearing Attendees has been published for each matter for the first week of hearings PO2, based on those who have informed the Programme Officer of their intention to attend.

Other than where there is good reason, only those listed therein will be able to participate in discussions. Any representors who have queries on appearing or that schedule should contact the Programme Officer. Participants should also be aware that agendas for each matter are forthcoming and are intended to be uploaded on the examination website around a week before the relevant hearing session

Latest News 7th September 2018

The matter papers for hearing sessions 1 to 7 have been uploaded to the website and are available on the post submission page

Latest New 29th August 2018

The Inspectors Note INSP7 has been added to the Examination Library. Those Representors who wish to submit a statement for Matter 8 ‘Viability and delivery’ now have a revised deadline of 5pm on Friday 5th October 2018.

Latest News 10th August 2018

On 10th August 2018 the Council published NWBC11, in response to the questions raised by the inspector in examination document INSP2. As set out in Examination document INSP3, those making further comments by 1700 on 31st August 2018 or intending to attend hearing sessions, may wish to take account of it.

Latest News 26th July 2018

INSP6 The Inspector's Note regarding the revised National Planning Policy Framework is now available in the Examination Library

Latest News 20th July 2018


The following documents are available online

Last updated Friday, 8th February 2019

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