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Classes at Home Timetable

Welcome to the Classes at Home Timetable.

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  • 07:00 Rise & Shine Salutation - Set yourself up for the day ahead with Sally
  • 09:30 Tabata with Matt - A short intense workout designed to help get results
  • 10:30 Yoga Kids (4-8yrs) with Sally - Inspired by ‘Look at me! Look at me!’ (Rose Williams Doreen Marts) incorporating child friendly yoga moves
  • 18:00 Zumba - Come and join Michael for a wiggle and a giggle and dance away your worries and stress **LIVE CLASS**
  • 19:00 Hatha Yoga with Zowie - A programme including all of the traditional Yoga flows and sun salutations


  • 09:30 LBT Bootcamp - Zara takes you through three challenging rounds of work, to tone your legs, bums and tums.
  • 18:00 HITT - Join Rod for his high intensity interval training workout….. can you keep going to the end?!
  • 20:30 Meditation with Sally - Let your worries melt away and relax your mind ready for a peaceful nights sleep


  • 07:00 Rise & Shine Stretches with Sally - Wake up your body and ease away those aches and pains
  • 09:30 Zumba Michael wants you to join him and find your rhythm to dance your way to fitness **LIVE CLASS**
  • 10:30 Family Fitness with Hannah - This workout is designed for an adult to participate in along with a baby or toddler. Have family fun time whilst getting fitter!
  • 18:00 Wendie’s Wednesday Workout - Specific exercises to improve your strength, fitness and core strength
  • 19:00 Hatha Yoga - Sally brings you a full Hatha Yoga session complete with meditation


  • 09:30 Yoga Shred Inspired workout with Sally - This session is designed to make you sweat but without any impact.
  • 18:00 Cardio Tone - Join Nikki and get sweaty! High energy and combat inspired moves, to work the whole body, with great tunes!
  • 19:00 Abs Blast - A quick 15 minute workout with Hannah to focus on the core and abs
  • 20:30 Meditation with Sally - Another chilled out session to relax your mind ready for a peaceful night’s sleep


  • 07:00 10 minute HIIT with Matt - Kick start your morning with this quick energy blast
  • 10:30 Yoga Kids (all ages) with Sally - Encourage your children to join Sally on her magic carpet ride around the world, introducing Yoga moves from different countries and continents
  • 18:00 LBT - Before you have a G&T join Abi for her LBT – lower body conditioning with easy to follow moves to some cheesy tunes
  • 19:00 Yin Yoga - Zowie delivers a challenging yet easy to follow Yin Yoga workout


  • 09:30 Hatha Yoga - Sharon helps you to balance your mind, body and soul with this fast flow workout


  • 09:30 Sunday Sweat - Challenge yourself with Wendie’s all over body HIIT workout

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Last updated Monday, 29th June 2020

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