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Register of Electors Annual Update

Register of Electors Annual Canvass 2019

How to respond to your annual canvass form

From Monday 5 August 2019, every household within the Borough will be sent a form known as a Household Enquiry Form (HEF).  It will be addressed to 'The Occupier' and contains the details of all those people in the household who are currently registered to vote at that property.

What you need to do

We MUST receive a response to the HEF even if nothing has changed on the form. Anyone in the household can respond to the letter.

Please don't ignore it.

Ways to respond to the Household Enquiry Form

If the details printed on the HEF are correct you can confirm this by one of the following methods

  • Freephone 0800 197 9871 and enter Part 1 and Part 2 of the security code when prompted.
  • Text NOCHANGE followed by the security number to 80212
  • By post.  Complete and return the paper copy in the pre-paid envelope supplied.  You do not have to return the form if you have used the options above.

Make amendments, add new names etc

  • Amendments can only be made using the on-line service or by competing and returning the paper form.  They cannot be done using the freephone or text service.

What happens next?

Where we have received confirmation that there are no changes, we won't write to the household again.

If we receive a request to add a new name on the electoral register, we will send each person an "Invitation to Register" (IER).  Invitation to Register applications can be completed on-line at  You will need your National Insurance number to hand to complete your registration application.

Removing names from the register

If we are told that a person has moved away, we will send that person a notice of our intention to remove them from the electoral register.  After 14 days of the notice being sent the name will be removed from the register.  By law we are required to have two pieces of evidence to remove someone from the electoral register.


We will send a reminder where we don't get a reply from a household, and if necessary a further two reminders.  If after two reminders have been sent and we still haven't received a response, a visit will be made to the property.

Last updated Thursday, 18th July 2019

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