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Working at elections

What happens after I have signed up?

Once set up, we'll share information about election vacancies with you via email and you must log into your account and let us know if you're available and what roles you would like to undertake.

Set up your mobile election app (MEA) account

When you've signed up to our database, we'll contact you, asking you to create your MEA account.  You just need to follow the instructions in the email you've been sent.

Let us know your availability and preferences

We'll email all staff who have created a MEA account when we're recruiting.  We'll ask you to log into your account and select the jobs that you'd like to be considered for.  Full information about the election will be available once you've logged into your MEA account.

If you have a particular preference in terms of location or colleagues you want to work with, there's a notes box, so let us know there.

Accepting or declining a job offer

Again you'll get an email, this time explaining that you've been offered a role at the election and what to do.  You'll need to log into your MEA account and accept or decline the job.  You can add notes if you need to.

What happens after I've accepted the job

We'll be in touch with you in the weeks before the election depending on what role you've been allocated to.  Regularly check your emails and your MEA account.


Training will be available to equip you with the knowledge of your role and what you can expect on the day of the election.

Change of plans

If you're no longer able to work for us, you should email  us as soon as possible.



Last updated Thursday, 4th February 2021

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