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Applying for Council housing

How to apply for housing

IMPORTANT: Our online housing enquiry form is available below from 9am Monday to 5pm Friday, but not on BANK HOLIDAYS or during the Christmas and New Year period. We will not be advertising properties on the 22nd or the 29th December 2021. The next adverts will be placed on Jan 5th 2022.

All Council properties available to let are advertised in the One Stop Shop and on the Homes North Warwickshire site.  We also advertise properties being let by Housing Associations in the area including Extra Care Living at Laurel Gardens, Mancetter.

Who is eligible to apply for housing

To apply for Council housing you have to meet set criteria as there are not enough homes for all the applicants and to make sure our homes are let to those with greatest housing need - see key information on Who is eligible to apply for housing or a detailed description in our Letting Scheme - see Download Letting Scheme below.

What if my need is urgent?

If you are in urgent need of housing, please telephone us on 01827 715341 when a member of the Housing Options Team will speak to you about your housing situation and provide appropriate assistance and advice.

Specialist accommodation for mature residents

We operate a number of sheltered living schemes across North Warwickshire. The schemes allow you to live independently in your own self-contained ground floor flat or bungalow. They cater only for residents over 60 years and offer community facilities, for example laundries and communal lounges. Find out more about sheltered living schemes. As part of the housing application process,see below, you will be asked the type of accommodation you would like ie a flat or sheltered accommodation.

Applying for a council home or moving to a new property

New customers wishing to find a home, council tenants wanting to move to a new property, flat, bungalow or sheltered scheme, will need to complete a housing enquiry form online  - this online form is available 09:00 am MONDAY to 17:00 FRIDAY, but NOT ON BANK HOLIDAYS or during the Christmas and New Year period.

The form is very easy to fill in; we ask for

  • your name, your address, your date of birth, your current housing circumstances and
  • the name, date of birth and relationship to you of people to be re-housed with you

We will telephone you on the contact number provided on the day we receive it or the next working day to discuss your housing situation and explain how the Council can help and your housing options.

Find out where our homes are

What will happen next?

If you have used the online enquiry form, we will contact you on the telephone number provided to discuss your housing situation and housing options. Please let us know the best time to contact you, this will need to be during the Council's opening hours (9am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday).  If you do not answer, we will try to leave a message asking you to contact us.

Our initial contact will be to explain how the Council can assist and to provide advice. Before we do a full assessment of your application we will require you to send us proof of your identity and of your current address. The timescale of the assessment can vary and sometimes depends on what information an applicant provides to us. We will consider the needs of your household and what housing options are available to you. If you meet the qualifying criteria of the Lettings Scheme you will be able to register on the waiting list for social housing.

Your application will now be assessed

We will talk to you about housing situation and your financial circumstances.  The assessment will consider whether you are homeless or threatened with homelessness and whether you qualify join the Council's housing register. There are number of qualifying criteria that have to be considered before someone is able to join the waiting list. If an applicant meets the qualifying criteria there will be an assessment of their housing priority in accordance with the Lettings Scheme, available below.  As part of our assessment, we will usually undertake a visit to your home to verify your circumstances.  We will notify you of our decision in writing.  If you disagree with the assessment you can request a review as stated in the Lettings Scheme, available below.

Please be aware, that if you are accepted onto the Housing Register you may, whenever you complete the sign-up process for your new tenancy, you will be expected to pay 1 full weeks rent in advance. This stipulation applies to all applicants and all properties allocated.

What if I do not agree with the assessment?

If you disagree with our assessment or your housing circumstances have changed, you can contact the Housing Options and Lettings Team for further explanation. If you are not satisfied with the explanation provided, you are able to request a review and this will be looked into and a response provided within 21 working days of the request being received. The officer carrying out the review will not have been involved in the original decision and you will need to provide supporting evidence if necessary and explain why you disagree with our assessment.

What identification will I need to provide?

Once you have filled in your application you will be asked to provide some identification documents as follows:

  • For your Identity : a valid Driving Licence, valid Passport, original Birth Certificate or National Insurance Card
  • For your address : Bank Statement, Benefit award letter, Gas or Electricity Bill, mobile phone bill

These can be provided in the following ways:

  • Upload evidence form
  • Email scanned images to email address below
  • Post photo copies to Housing Options, North Warwickshire Borough Council, South Street, Atherstone, CV9 1DE
  • Visit our One Stop Shop and we will copy them for you

What will happen if I'm added to the Housing Register?

If you are added to our Housing Register you will be placed in a Band depending on your situation. Find out more about Bands here or in our Letting Scheme, available below.

We will pro-actively work with you to assist you with finding suitable re-housing. This will include considering all the options available to you including Council housing and other social housing in the Borough.

As you are registered on the housing register you can be considered for suitable properties that become available. You will need to keep us informed of any changes to your circumstances that may affect your housing application and housing priority. We will contact you periodically if your application is inactive or you do not express interest in suitable properties. All applications will be reviewed after 12 months or sooner if your circumstances change. We will discuss this with you and if you are unable to remain on the housing register, we will confirm our decision in writing. You can Report a Change to your Housing Circumstances here.

How will I know which properties are available and how do I say I'm interested in a property?

Homes will be advertised on the Homes North Warwickshire website and in the Council's One Stop Shop. The adverts will advise you of each property's landlord, location rent, size and special features etc. They will clearly state which applicants can express an interest for which properties and whether there are any restrictions, for example, family homes. "Express an interest" means that you wish to be considered for a certain property. The closing date by which expressions of interest will need to be made will be stated in the advert. You will need to let us know if you want us to express interest for you. We will discuss the type and location of property you wish to be considered for with you. We will then express interest for you on all suitable properties that are advertised, so you do not need to contact us every time. You will need to meet the eligibility criteria stated in the advert. You can express an interest in properties yourself on the Homes North Warwickshire website; you will need to meet the criteria stated on the advert. To do this, you will need to sign up to use the Homes North Warwickshire website using your

  • Housing Register Application Number
  • surname
  • date of birth
  • an email address

Once logged in you will be able to see all the properties you are eligible for and express an interest in them. You will need to make your expression of interest before the closing date.

How will you decide who will be offered the property?

On the closing date, we will run a short-list of all applicants who have expressed an interest in being considered for the property. Expressions of interest will be placed in the order of priority For example - Band 1+, then Band 1, then Band 2, Band 3 then Band 4. Find out about The Banding System. The date that an application was placed in their most current category (the effective date) will also be used to prioritise applications. In Bands 1+, 1 and 2 applicants with a local connection will be considered above those who do not have a local connection.
If you are successful, you will be notified and arrangements made for you to view the property. We will confirm all property offers in writing and arrangements will be made for you to sign your tenancy agreement once the property is ready for letting.

What if I don't want to accept the property offered to me?

It is important that applicants are given choice over where they wish to live. This includes deciding not to take a property if it is offered if it is not suitable. However it is the Council's intention to only register those applicants who it views it can assist with re-housing. Once an applicant's circumstances and choices are understood assistance will be given to finding an appropriate property. Therefore, if an applicant decides to refuse 3 reasonable offers of accommodation that are suitable for their needs their application will be removed from the housing register or transfer register. We will discuss this with you and confirm our decision in writing.

If you have any further questions about Choice Based Lettings, please contact using the details below.

Find out about being a tenant.

Help! If you need help, please contact our Housing Team. See below for ways to contact us.

Last updated Wednesday, 15th December 2021

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