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Garages to rent

How to rent a Council owned garage

We deal with the letting and management of Council owned garages.

Garages are for a private motor vehicle which is road worthy and has a current road fund licence and not for any other purpose. We also have plots of land which we lease to residents to put their own garage on.

Anyone can apply to rent a council garage if you live in North Warwickshire but we give priority to existing council tenants. You will not be offered a garage if you have rent arrears.

The current cost of a garage is £7.58 per week for a Council Tenant and £9.10 for a non-Council tenant.

If you would like to apply for a garage, please complete the application form below. Once you have completed the garage application form, you will be entered on the appropriate list and we will advise you when your turn is reached. How long you have to wait for a garage depends on the site you want and how many other people are waiting.

We require one week's written notice to give up your garage to end on a Monday. When you return the keys to the Housing Division, the garage should be empty and in a clean and tidy condition.

Apply for a Council Garage

Last updated Tuesday, 28th March 2023

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