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Extra care living, flats and sheltered schemes

Flats and sheltered housing

All tenants have an obligation within their Tenancy Agreement not to cause nuisance and annoyance to neighbours. However, in blocks of flats the proximity of tenants means that certain acts are likely to cause nuisance and annoyance that in normal circumstances would not do so. For this reason, it is necessary that tenants in blocks of flats observe the following:

Entrance and exit doors - ground floor entrance and exit doors must be closed after use.

Vehicles should be parked in authorised parking places only, not on service roads or grassed areas.

Refuse chutes are easily blocked so wet and perishable articles should not be placed in them unless well wrapped in paper. Any bulky articles likely to cause damage to the chute should be placed in the bins provided on the ground floor.

Rugs and mats should be shaken outside the flat, not in communal parts or out of windows.

Paraffin heaters, portable gas appliances and flammable liquids are fire risks and therefore should not be stored in flats. Similarly, petroleum driven vehicles and inflammable liquids should not be kept in storage cupboards, as these too are fire risks.

Articles should not be placed on the landing, staircase or passageways where they are likely to cause an obstruction or annoyance to neighbours.

Storage cupboards - only domestic items should be kept in storage cupboards provided.

Throwing items from windows - nothing should be thrown out of any window as this is both dangerous and untidy.

Fly Tipping and Bulky Waste - fly tipping is an illegal act and a breach of tenancy condition.  Any person who is found to be fly tipping in any area of North Warwickshire Borough Council is likely to face legal action.  Please do not fly tip in our communal areas, our bin sites or any other place.  For a nominal fee the Council will carry out a bulky waste collection. household furniture can also be donated to Second Chance.  The bins provided by the Council for the use of flat occupants are for general household waste only, please re-cycle where possible.

Problems and decorating The Housing Division decorates and repairs communal areas such as meeting rooms, hallways and stairs. It is your responsibility to ensure that these areas are kept clean and hygienic, if there is no appointed cleaner. The Housing Division decorates and repairs the outside areas such as uneven paths, walls, fencing, and lighting.

Last updated Wednesday, 13th July 2016

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