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Help with money and debt

Food Bank, housing payments (DHP), income and expenditure

Please Note: The Food Bank is CLOSED on Bank Holidays.

Food collection is from Unit 7, The Arcade, Long Street, Atherstone CV9 1AP

What help is available?

  • Discretionary Housing Payments - this is money to help pay your rent for a short period of time if you are experiencing financial hardship
  • Food Bank Referral - food parcels to those residents identified as in immediate need of food and support - find out about our food bank below
  • Income and expenditure assessment - this information is needed to work out how much money you have coming in and how much you spend
  • Help and support - be referred to other agencies to help reduce your bills or maximise your income

Food Hub Referrals 

Please note the following

  • Applicants will only be able to request a food parcel for themselves, their partner / spouse and any dependent children or young people who live with them. You will not be able to include any non-dependent householders within the application. Any non-dependents, who live in the house, will be responsible for making their own application for a food parcel.
  • Applicants will only be able to apply for 1 week emergency food parcel. Any further food parcel requests may be made but the applicant must complete the Income and Expenditure section of the form. If the applicant fails to complete this section then the application will be refused. If the applicant needs any help then please contact the council or the local CAB office.

Notice for all referring partners or organisations only:

If you are an organisation that makes applications for a food parcel on behalf your customer or client you MUST complete the Income and Expenditure section of the form if the request is not an emergency and is for longer than 1 week. If you fail to complete this section then unfortunately this may result in your customer or client having a reduced number of weeks or being refused a food parcel completely. As part of the CRF partnership arrangement, the agreement was clear that organisations must be working with and supporting the customer or client with their situation. The application clearly states within the CRF that an income and expenditure must be completed if the request is for longer than 1 week. Customers or clients can only have 1 emergency parcel, any future food parcel requests must include an income and expenditure form in order for the request to be authorised. 

Applying for help

You need to complete the 'Customer Referral' form that is available via the big pink 'Go to Customer Referral form' BUTTON below.  You will then be asked if you'd like to CREATE an ACCOUNT. As this form will take some time to complete, we strongly recommend that you create an account by clicking on 'Sign up now' so that you can SAVE it as you fill it in or SAVE and return at a later time.

To apply for a food parcel or discretionary housing payment or to complete an income and expenditure assessment you may need to have handy the following documents:

  • Pay slips
  • Benefit statements
  • Utility bills - gas, electricity, water, telephone, mobile
  • Bank statements
  • Rent account number / amount
  • Mortgage amount
  • Loans

Go to Customer Referral Form  

About our Food Bank

The foodbank in North Warwickshire is very different to that of many others. We have:

An Emergency Element

  • providing food parcels to those identified as vulnerable and in immediate need of food and support

A proactive element

  • we support many social enterprise cafes providing food in local rural communities
  • we support school breakfast clubs enabling vulnerable children  access to a breakfast before school starts and
  • we support community cooking projects where local people learn to cook healthy meals

Food collection is from Unit 7, The Arcade, Long Street, CV9 1AP

You will need to call Ediblelinks directly on 01827 718322 between 9.00am and 11.30am to arrange a collection time.

Unit 7 is open from 1.00pm Monday to Friday for collections.

Alongside awarding an Emergency Food Parcel, customers are also supported and directly referred to one of our partner organisations where additional help is identified.  Places referred to include -

  • CAB
  • CDA
  • Severn Trent Water
  • Training providers
  • Job clubs

Each case is dealt with by completing an Agency Referral Form an online facility that we have developed to ensure that people are helped and supported at the first point of contact.

Food is currently supplied by:

  • Ocado very kindly donate food to the foodbank on a regular basis

We also have collection points at the Co-op stores in Long Street and Station Street Atherstone where the public are able to donate items of food.

Schools, Churches and private donations have also been received and we are very grateful for all of the support.

If you would like to donate food items to the foodbank then please contact:

Or call 01827 718322

For North Warwickshire Borough Council residents struggling to meet their everyday household bills and to feed their families - Tel: 01827 715341

Further information visit Ediblelinks Facebook page

Last updated Wednesday, 20th October 2021

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