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Mutual exchanges

Mutual exchange of council home

Due to the high demand for social housing in North Warwickshire and depending on your circumstances, you may find that you have to wait for some time before you are offered a transfer. As a result, many tenants find that the quickest way to find a new home is to look for a mutual exchange.

To do this you must register on the Homeswapper website.  If you need help doing this, you can contact us using the contact details listed above.

You will be asked to upload information about your current home to the website, along with details of the type of home that you are interested in moving to. The website will then help you to find potential matches. You can use Homeswapper to look for a new home in any part of the country, not just in North Warwickshire.

You should always visit the property before agreeing to a mutual exchange. You should also be aware that you will take on the responsibilities of the person you are swapping with, so for example you will have to pay the rent that they currently pay. Once you have found someone to swap with, you will need to ask for our permission before you can complete the exchange. We will usually agree to these requests but we may say no if, for example, your home is too big or too small for the household you are planning to exchange with.

To ask for permission to complete a mutual exchange, please contact us on 01827 715341 and ask to speak to a Tenancy Services Officer. Alternatively, you can email us:

We will send application forms to both parties and consider the request once the forms have been returned. We will confirm our decision in writing.

Last updated Wednesday, 19th October 2016

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