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Your home including repairs

If you need a repair

In general, we are responsible for maintaining and repairing the structure and fixtures of your home. This includes:
  • basins, sinks, baths and toilets
  • electrical installations
  • installations for heating your home and hot water
  • repairing damaged items such as doors and windows, brickwork, guttering or external pipes.
Report a housing repair
If you wish to report a repair in a different way, you can do this:

If you require an emergency repair outside of our normal hours, you can report this by telephone 0300 303 5573. However, please note that this service is intended for emergency repairs, such as a burst water pipe or a dangerous electrical fault,only. We will deal with emergency repairs as quickly as possible. Out of hours and bank holidays, the emergency number is directed to the lifeline centre which is manned 24 hours a day.

Please note: The Council’s out of hours service is managed by Warwick District Council’s lifeline alarm service which is covered 24 hours a day.

For all other repairs, we will seek to arrange an appointment to carry out the repair at a time that is convenient for you. We will usually give you an am or pm appointment during which we will carry out the repair, and wherever possible we will offer you a choice of appointments. It is important that you are at home at the time of your appointment, or that you arrange for someone else to be there if you cannot be.

Last updated Thursday, 1st June 2023

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