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Your home including repairs

Improving your home

You have a right to make improvements to your home, such as replacing fixtures that were provided for you when you moved in or installing a satellite dish. However, you must ask for our permission before you make any improvements.

To do this please contact us on: 01827 715341. We will usually agree to these requests and will never unreasonably refuse permission. You should also be aware that for some larger improvements, like building an extension or a conservatory, you will also need to obtain planning permission.

We also carry out periodic work to maintain and improve your home. This might include, for example, installing a new bathroom or kitchen, providing new windows or doors or electrical rewiring. There may be long periods of time between us carrying out this kind of work on your home however we will inform you if your home is part of an improvement programme.

Last updated Thursday, 1st February 2018

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