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Anti-social behaviour

Neighbourhood and communities

Being a good neighbour

We expect all of our tenants to show consideration for their neighbours, for example by:

  • treating others with respect and not using abusive or threatening language
  • not causing excessive noise, for example by playing loud music, especially late at night
  • disposing of their rubbish correctly and not dumping it anywhere in the neighbourhood
  • keeping any pets under control.

Please remember that you are also responsible for the behaviour of other members of your household and anyone who visits you.

We treat complaints about neighbours whose behaviour is ‘antisocial’ very seriously and will take action to try to resolve problems and to prevent them from occurring again. If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour, such as noise nuisance or aggressive or abusive behaviour, from one of your neighbours, please tell us about it. For more information and contact details please see our Anti-Social Behaviour information.

Keeping neighbourhoods clean and tidy

We aim to help keep the neighbourhoods in which our tenants live clean and tidy. To do this we employ Neighbourhood Wardens to deal with problems and nuisance issues in our neighbourhoods. This includes, for example, picking up litter and identifying and reporting instances of graffiti and vandalism.

Last updated Tuesday, 13th November 2018

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