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Submitting a planning application

Submit a planning application

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When you need planning permission there are a number of ways you can submit an application:

As of September 2018, the Planning Portal will charge a financial transaction fee to submit a planning application to the Local Planning Authority via the Portal (for any application which attracts a fee).  The financial transaction fee will be a flat sum of £20. 

Please note that you may, if you prefer, submit an application directly to the Council.  The Council does not impose a financial transaction fee. 
Our preferred method for receipt of the application form, relevant plans and documents is via email 
Please be aware that the file size limit for each email is 10MB. 

You may also send your application via the postal system or deliver it in person. 

Application forms can be downloaded from the Other ways to submit an application page of the Councils website. 

You may pay the planning fee by contacting the Councils One Stop Shop calling 01827 715341 or by visiting in person.  
Payment by cheque is also an option but please note that it is not the preferred method of payment.

Last updated Friday, 17th August 2018

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