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Dropped kerbs and highways planning guidance

Dropped kerbs and highways

Warwickshire County Council Roads and Highways is the responsible authority for maintaining the Borough's adopted highways and granting consent to install a dropped kerb to your land or property. The exceptions to this are the trunk roads and motorways passing through North Warwickshire, which are controlled by the Highways England.

Installing dropped kerbs or an access point can require one or two permissions - highway consent, and/or planning permission.

Consent from the responsible highway authority is always required, and you are advised to use the above links to get further information. In addition, a planning application is sometimes required. The following list below summarises whether you require a planning application to be submitted to North Warwickshire Borough Council.

A - Road (Trunked e.g. A5) - you need a Planning Application.

A - Road - you need a Planning Application

B - Road - you need a Planning Application and Warwickshire County Council consent

C - Road - you need a Planning Application and Warwickshire County Council consent

D - Road - Generally No. However, if you are installing the dropped kerb separate to other works granted under permitted development rights (example - a driveway), then you will require planning permission.

Unclassified road you do not need a Planning Application but check with Warwickshire County Council

Where a planning application is required, then the Full Application form should be used.

If a planning application is not required, you should also be aware of the surfacing limitations which apply under Permitted Development Rights, and additional guidance is available.

Unsure as to what classification your road is?

Further information on ascertaining whether your road is adopted, and what classification it is assigned, can be obtained from Warwickshire County Council.

Last updated Wednesday, 17th July 2019

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