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Works to trees and hedgerows

Standard of works to trees

Council garden trees Jan 13

Development proposals involving works to, close to or affecting trees should meet British Standard requirements.

Development proposals should have regard for existing trees and hedgerows on site. In this respect, all proposals should stem from an initial tree survey and constraints, and it will need to be evidenced, at application stage, that this survey has shaped and guided the proposed development layout, and it should also include an implications assessment to identify whether there is statutory tree protection or not. This is one of the fundamental elements to British Standards BS5837-2012 – Trees in Relation to design, demolition and construction – recommendations

Where trees are affected by development but are to be retained, the Council will often require they are protected by suitable means. Tree protection above and below ground will need to conform to British Standard 5837:2012. This will mean that suitable protecting fencing, which cannot be moved or knocked over during the course of works, is placed around the root protection zone for each tree to be retained before works commence. 

Where permission is granted for works to trees protected by TPOs or within a Conservation Area, the works should be carried out by a competent and qualified tree surgeon, and in accordance with BS 3998:2010 Tree work - Recommendations

Last updated Thursday, 20th February 2020

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