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Planning Guidance

Contaminated Land and Coal Fields

Contaminated Land and Potentially Contaminated Land

The Council seeks to identify, control and remediate contaminated land through the planning process and other legislative powers. Contaminated land is a material consideration in the planning process, and you may be requested to undertake a desk based and/or site investigation.

A Phase 1 Study requires a desk-based research element and a site walkover. Further advice on the extent of information required can be sought from Environmental Health. It may be necessary for this report to accompany your application for it to be accepted, and should accord to the British Standard for investigating contaminated land (BS:10175). You can also view the Government website for guidance.

Coal Fields and Mining Risk Assessment

The Coal Authority require the historical legacy of coal mining to be adequately considered throughout the planning process. This is due to the implications it has on public safety, ground stability, and future liability for coal mining subsidence damage. The Coal Authority has Standing Advice for development located within coalfield areas with a new referral system. This means that depending on the location of your development, you may be required to prepare and submit a Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA) with your planning application. This will be the case on non-householder applications within the designated referral areas and in proximity to known shafts/adits.

Advice relevant to North Warwickshire, including a plan of the referral areas within North Warwickshire, can be obtained via this link at the Coal Authority's website. They also offer further useful guidance:

If the CMRA reveals no matters of issue, or in coal mining areas of lower risk, the Coal Authority's Standing Advice will apply.

For householder developments, whilst a CMRA is not necessary, there is still responsibility on the landowner/developer to ensure that all the necessary requirements are met. The Council will therefore, where relevant, would attach an informative to this effect.

Property specific summary information on past, current and future coal mining activity can be obtained from:


Mine Entry Inspection Programme

The Coal Authority is undertaking work to raise awareness where old mine entries (shafts and adits) lie on residential properties. Within North Warwickshire there are a number of mine entries, and whilst the majority of these are located in the rural and general urban environment, some are located on or within the boundary of a residential property.

If you would like further information, please contact the Coal Authority on 0845 762 6848 or email You can also read their frequently asked questions and homeowner advice leaflet regarding this programme.

If a mine entry is in a dangerous condition, has caused damage or allows access to a mine, please call the 24 hour emergency telephone line on 01623 646 333.

Last updated Monday, 29th June 2020

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