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Article 4 (1) Direction - Wathen Grange School

Article 4 (1) Direction

The Council has confirmed an Article 4 (1) Direction on 12 June 2019 relating to the removal of permitted development rights under Class B of Part 11 of Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development (Order) 2015 (as amended). 

The Immediate Direction which came into force on 13 December 2018 relates to development comprising any building operation consisting of the demolition of a building being development comprised within the Schedule below. 


The demolition of a building under Class B of Part 11 of Schedule 2.

The effect of the Immediate Direction removes permitted development rights for this type of development as shown on the plan attached to the Direction

A copy of the Confirmed Direction and plan defining the building in the area to which the Direction relates can be seen by clicking on the attachment below.

Or it may be seen at the Council’s One Stop Shop at the Council Offices, South Street, Atherstone, CV9 1DE during office opening hours.  

A site notice has been posted at the site, please see site notice attached below:

Last updated Monday, 17th June 2019

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