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Article 4 (1) Directions

​​​What is an Article 4 Direction 

Article 4 Directions are put in place by Councils to control particular types of work in some areas and for specific buildings. They help protect local amenity and well-being of an area by conserving its character and appearance by restricting what can be done without the need to make a planning application. 

What this means for you?

Restricted works are specific to the individual Direction but often include the removal of development rights to alter or change the character of your property or garden, such as:
•    Demolition of buildings
•    Replacement of – doors, windows, roofing materials and surface treatments
•    Construction of – extensions, porches, walls, fences and gates
•    Changes to – wall finishes such as rendering, cladding or painting of surfaces 
•    Removal of – garden walls, fences, gates and chimneys
•    Use of concrete or tarmac to create or extend parking and amenity space

What should you do?

If you live in an affected area and intend to start work please check with us first. If you make any controlled alterations without permission we may take action to restore the original appearance at the owner's expense.

What about repair and maintenance?

You can carry out essential repair and maintenance work without planning permissions. However the work must not change the appearance of the property and should use the same types of materials. 

North Warwickshire Borough Council recently made Article 4 (1) Directions on the following

  • Water Orton Rail Station

  • Former Water Orton Primary School

The Council has made an Article 4 (1) Direction on 9 January 2023 relating to the removal of permitted development rights under Class B of Part 11 of Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development (Order) 2015 (as amended). 

The Immediate Direction which came into force on 11 January 2023 relates to development comprising any building operation consisting of the demolition of a building being development comprised within the Schedule below. 
The demolition of a building under Class B of Part 11 of Schedule 2.
The effect of the Immediate Direction removes permitted development rights for this type of development as shown on the plans attached to the Direction.

A copy of the Direction and plan defining the buildings in the areas to which the Direction relates can be seen by clicking on the attachment below.
    Legal Direction

Or you can email or telephone 01827 715341to arrange an appointment to view the Direction at the Council Offices, South Street, Atherstone, CV9 1DE   

A site notice has been posted at the site, please see site notice attached below:
    Site notice


Other Article 4 (1) Directions



Last updated Wednesday, 11th January 2023

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