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Heritage and Conservation

Conservation Area Appraisals

The Government and its advisor Historic England (formerly English Heritage) have stressed the need for conservation areas to be managed positively and effectively.  In order to do this, decisions that affect their character or appearance should be made on the basis of a good understanding of their special architectural and historic interest.

Conservation Area Appraisals set out clearly what is important about the historic and architectural interest of a Conservation Area and why.  The next step is to compile Conservation Area Management Plans, which provide guidance through policy statements to assist in the preservation and enhancement of Conservation Areas.

Atherstone Conservation Area Extension

As part of the Conservation Area Appraisal process, an area of mid-19th to early-20th century housing to the south east of the existing Atherstone Conservation Area was identified as possessing sufficient architectural and historic interest to warrant designation as an extension to the existing Conservation Area. This extension was carried forward.

Other Conservation Areas Appraisals

The original Atherstone Conservation Area and all other Conservation Areas within North Warwickshire were designated under historical procedures, and along with the Atherstone Extension can be downloaded here.

Last updated Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

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