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Planning consultations and news

This page carries a list of current consultations on key planning applications and strategic planning documents drafted by the Council and also any other useful planning news.

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*Water Orton Neighbourhood Plan* This Consultation has now ended

Water Orton Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to the Borough Council for formal consultation. 

Under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 and the Localism Act 2011 – Regulation 16 (publicising a plan proposal) Plan Summary require the Local Authority to carry out a consultation on the plan after it has been formally submitted to them.  A neighbourhood plan was introduced by the Localism Act. It is the result of the community working together to decide how their local area should develop and grow in the future

The Water Orton Neighbourhood Plan sets out a vision for the future of the village and includes planning policies that will help North Warwickshire Borough Council to determine planning applications in the Parish

The responses to the consultation can be seen below


* This Consultation has now ended and all responses have been passed to the Inspector *

North Warwickshire Local Plan Main Modifications Consultation

Hearings on the submitted Local Plan were held in September 2018, February 2019, April 2019 and December 2020.  A consultation is now taking place for 6 weeks until 14 April 2021 on proposed changes to the Local Plan which the Inspector considers to be needed for the Local Plan to be made sound.  These changes are known as Main Modifications.  A Schedule of Main Modifications has been prepared with each Main Modification having its own unique reference number.  In addition, the Main Modifications have been assessed through a further Sustainability Appraisal.    

The Council will not be responding directly to your comments as the representations received will be passed to the Inspector conducting the examination for his consideration.  They will be considered in preparing his final report on the Local Plan.  

In addition, there are some minor changes to the document which are called Additional Modifications (NWBC33).  These are changes proposed by the Borough Council which are not considered to affect the effectiveness or soundness of the Local Plan.  These have also been given a unique reference number.  Please email or send any comments on these to the Borough Council who will consider them.  

In addition to assist with the Main Modifications the Borough Council has prepared a topic paper on housing covering the stepped trajectory and the 5-year housing land supply (NWBC32).  This paper does not form part of the consultation but is provided to give assistance and explain the figures in more detail.

Consultation Documents

Maps showing changes due to main modifications

Documents to aid consultation

All other documents relating o the Local Plan can be found on our Local Plan Examination Pages

Last updated Monday, 14th June 2021

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