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Planning Consultations

Planning consultations and news

This page carries a list of current consultations on key planning applications and strategic planning documents drafted by the Council and also any other useful planning news.

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*Consultation extended from 28th October to 4th November* 

Planning Obligations for Sport, Recreation and Open Space – Supplementary Planning Document – Public Consultation

Sport, recreation, open space, leisure and other community facilities are key infrastructure that must be provided to support new housing development in North Warwickshire, with existing facilities also protected and enhanced. 

With a minimum of 6,183 new homes being built in the Borough by 2033, the funding of this infrastructure needs to be planned and supported. To achieve this aim the Borough Council have published the ‘Planning Obligations for Sport, Recreation and Open Space – Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)’ for public consultation. This SPD sets out detailed guidance on the type and scale of open space, sport and recreation developer contributions that will be sought to support new development, based on the standards set out in the Council’s various Leisure, Open Space, Playing Pitch and Recreation strategies.  

The SPD supplements the policies in the adopted North Warwickshire Local Plan 2021 and updates the 2017 Open Space, Sport and Recreation SPD, taking into account the implications of changed national policy guidance, including the updated National Planning Policy Framework. Importantly, it also responds to the ending of the national policy on the pooling of restrictions for S106 funds, which was a key factor in the approach towards contributions as set down in the 2017 SPD.  

This SPD, once adopted, will be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. It has been prepared in accordance with the necessary regulations and will be used when securing developers’ contributions, otherwise known as S106 agreements, and in unilateral undertakings. 

Provision of facilities for waste and recycling for new developments and property conversions – Supplementary Planning Document Public Consultation

The Provision of facilities for waste and recycling for new developments and property conversions – Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provides general guidance to developers on the space and access requirements for waste and recycling containers which should be taken into account when building a new development or a conversion. This guide also provides information regarding the requirement for developers to purchase the waste and recycling containers for all new developments/conversions.
This guide should be read in conjunction with general planning and building regulation requirements. Planning applications which do not adequately consider and demonstrate waste storage and vehicle access may be refused

Both consultations are open until Friday 4th November 2022 

All comments for the above consultations can be submitted in the following ways: 

•    By email to

•    By post to Forward Planning, The Council House, South Street, Atherstone, CV9 1DE.

Caldecote Proposed Conservation Area

North Warwickshire Borough Council is proposing to designate a new conservation area at Caldecote. A conservation area is an area of special architectural or historic interest, and the aim of a conservation area is to preserve and/or enhance this special interest. There are currently ten conservation areas in North Warwickshire, and it is a duty of the Council to consider new conservation area designations from time to time.

The Council has commissioned the consultants LUC to prepare documents for the proposed new conservation area. These are an appraisal that sets out Caldecote’s historic and architectural interest, management proposals to preserve or enhance the area, and a map showing the boundary of the proposed new conservation area.

The Council and LUC are inviting residents and businesses in Caldecote to attend a workshop on the proposed Caldecote Conservation Area at 5:30pm on Thursday 13 October 2022 at Caldecote Village Hall, Weddington Lane, Caldecote
If you would like to attend the workshop, please e-mail or telephone either of the numbers below and indicate the number of people you are booking for and their names so that the Village Hall can be set out for the number of people attending.
If you would like to know more about the proposed conservation area, the appraisal and management plan and boundary map are all available for you to view and comment on at LUC’s online consultation hub at: The consultation hub will be open for comments until Friday 4th November 2022

If you require any further details about any of the consultations, please email or telephone 01827 719451/ 719499


Last updated Tuesday, 25th October 2022

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