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This page carries a list of current consultations on key planning applications and strategic planning documents drafted by the Council and also any other useful planning news.

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 *CONSULTATION NOW CLOSED* - the consultation has now closed and all responses have been sent to the Inspector for his consideration

Local Plan –  Additional Documents

The North Warwickshire Borough Local Plan has been at examination since submission in March 2018. During that time various additional documents have been produced, principally in response to the Inspector’s requests, as set out in the relevant section of the examination library.  The last set of hearing sessions took place in April 2019 when the local plan process was paused awaiting the outcome of the Housing Investment Fund (HIF) bid for funding improvements to the A5.  The Planning Inspectorate’s Procedural Guide in relation to local plan examination sets out that, following a pause at examination, consultation will generally be necessary to ensure there has been appropriate opportunity for comment on any changes. That is also aligned with the Council’s approach in its Statement of Community Involvement (SCI).

This consultation therefore relates to several documents that have been issued and prepared since the last hearing sessions in April 2019. The aim is to work towards a schedule of Main Modifications that would render the Plan capable of being recommended sound by the Inspector.

We are seeking views on the current schedule of potential Main Modifications (NWBC20E) and documents which have informed that schedule or are related to it and will inform focussed future hearings, currently scheduled for week commencing 19th October 2020 (TBC).  In advance of the hearings Mr Bristow, the Inspector, through the Programme Officer, will issue topics for discussion deal with the practical arrangements for the hearings as well as confirm attendance.

The documents for comments are:

We would ask that any comments to this consultation are as succinct as possible and focussed on documents which have emerged since April 2019 and the latest schedule of potential Main Modifications in particular, rather than revisiting points made in earlier representations (which have been considered by the Inspector during the pre-submission stage of the plan and via position statements already submitted and hearings undertaken to date).

As set out by the Inspector in examination documents INSP1 and INSP3, the focus of the examination is on the soundness of the plan. As such, if any representor is of the view that the Plan, subject to the incorporation of the potential main modifications in (NWBC20E) would remain unsound, within the terms of paragraph 182 of the NPPF2012, it would be helpful if;
(i) specific reference could be made to the tests of soundness in respect of any concerns, and indication be made as to how the Plan could be modified so as to represent a sound strategy.

Going forward there will be the opportunity to make any views at additional hearings if required, the process for which will be established subsequently (although it is not the Inspector’s intention to request position statements for those in the same manner as previously). There will also be the opportunity, ultimately and without prejudice to the outcome of the examination, for comments on a finalised schedule of main modifications (subject to the incorporation of which the Inspector may recommend that the plan is sound). If you have any queries in respect of the above, please contact the Programme Officer, Kerry Trueman in the first instance.


Last updated Monday, 19th October 2020

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