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Street Naming and Numbering Information

Street Naming and Numbering

All new streets and buildings have to be given an address. Consultations take place to ensure that street/house names and numbering schemes do not lead to confusion for emergency services. If properties do not go through the Street Naming and Numbering process, you will not be allocated a post code by Royal Mail and you will encounter difficulties with agencies and companies who make use of Post Code databases when identifying your property, such as Gas and Electricity providers.

What we do

We are responsible for:
  • Assigning official street names to new and existing streets;
  • Assigning official property numbers to all new and existing properties;
  • Ensuring that the Royal Mail are informed of any new or amended property addresses to enable them to assign post codes;
  • Ensuring that certain essential services and organisations are informed of all new street names.

Please note that in order to carry out the process for the assigning of new names and numbers, developers must give the service notice of at least one month. Please ensure you contact us when the development commences to ensure the official address is assigned before completion of the works.

For us to process Street Naming and Numbering requests, including requests for renaming, we ask that you write to us providing the following information:

  • A Site Plan - identifying the property or properties;
  • Details of the suggested naming and numbering scheme, including suggestions for any new streets;
  • Cheque made payable to NWBC for any applicable charges
  • Download an application form

Post Codes

For post code information, please phone Royal Mail Address Management on 01743 277249. Please note Royal Mail will not allocate post codes to properties unless requested by the Local Authority via the Street Naming and Numbering process.

Last updated Tuesday, 14th May 2019

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