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Street Naming and Numbering Information

Street Nameplates


North Warwickshire Borough Council has the statutory duty under section 19 of The Public Health Act, 1925 to name and sign streets.

New street nameplates are provided in a number of ways: NWBC has a modest budget to replace damaged or illegible signs and the provision of new for streets without nameplates. Developers are also responsible to provide street nameplates for their new developments, ensuring compliance with the Council's standard and specification.

There are two approved styles of street nameplate in use throughout the Borough.

Conservation Style:

A traditional cast aluminium nameplate with white characters on plain black background with inverted or scalloped corners. Purposely designed for conservation and other environmentally sensitive areas within the Borough. Routine maintenance normally consists of painting, unless severely damaged.

General Application:

A second type of nameplate, incorporating the Council's coat of arms, is used throughout the Borough and has proved to be substantially robust and able to withstand misappropriate treatment. This sign is constructed in a manner that provides reflection to light and resistance to the weather.

The Streetscape Division is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of street nameplates. If you wish to report a damaged or missing street nameplate please contact us on at or on 01827 715341.

Last updated Wednesday, 30th March 2016

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