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Council tax and business rates eBilling

Using our Accounts Online page, you can either sign up to e-billing for Council Tax or Business Rates (to receive future bills and adjustment notices via email), amend the e-mail address we currently hold for you (if you have already signed up) or cancel an existing subscription to e-billing and revert to receiving your bills by post.

Receiving bills via e-mail will work as follows: -

When a new bill or adjustment notice is issued on your account, an email will be sent to the e-mail address supplied. This email will contain a hyperlink to the our website which will allow you to log in to the 'Correspondence' page. The new bill will be listed with a 'New' icon beside it. You can then view the document online in the normal way.

NOTE: All persons signing up for e-billing must enter a valid e-mail address.

When you sign up to receive bills by email (e-billing) you are entering into an agreement with North Warwickshire Borough Council to receive all future bills and adjustments electronically and will no longer receive bills or adjustment notices by post.

You must agree to notify North Warwickshire Borough Council immediately (either by contacting the authority or by updating your details on this website) if your email address changes.

If you wish to cancel your e-billing subscription and return to receiving postal bills you must notify North Warwickshire Borough Council of this either by contacting us in writing or by cancelling your subscription via this website.

Last updated Tuesday, 29th September 2015

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