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Council Tax Scams

Fighting fraud

There are a number of scams related to Council Tax. Typically, these involve you getting a message or a phone call saying that you are entitled to a refund and asking for card or bank details to send the refund to.

We don’t send out such messages. You might get a message from us reminding you that a payment is due, but we won’t contact you asking for bank details for a refund.

If you get do a phone call or message about a refund and asking for such details, it's a scam. Put the phone down if it's a call. If it's a text or email, don't click on any links, open any attachments, or fill in any form details.

You can report scam messages or emails to the police via the Action Fraud website.

You should contact your bank immediately if you have already given out bank details or think you have lost money because someone has used your card or bank details fraudulently.

You can contact the Council Tax team directly using the details below if you think you should get a refund.

Last updated Monday, 25th March 2019

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