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Council Tax - Spending Plans

North Warwickshire Borough Council's Spending Plans

Spending Plans for 2020 - 2021

You pay your council tax to NWBC but we only keep 10.67%. The rest is shared between Warwickshire County Council (68.25%), plus a separate (6.56%) to support to adult social care (see adult social care precept note), the Warwickshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (11.96%) and various Parish Councils (2.56%).

The 10.67% proportion of the council tax received by NWBC in 2020-21 has increased by £5.00 which works out at less than 10p a week for a band D property.

Band D Property
Warwickshire County Council 68.25%
WCC Adult Social Care Charge 6.56%
Police and Crime Commissioner 11.96%
North Warwickshire BC 10.67%
Parish Councils 2.56%

Where we spend your money

2019/20 £'000s

2020/21 £'000s
Planning and Economic Development 1,436 1,385
Recreation and Tourism 3,791 3,623
Environmental Health 2,340 2,434
Refuse Collection and Recycling 13,783 11,761
Housing General Fund 11,902 12,803
Housing Revenue Account (HRA) 4,852 4,528
Total that we spend on services 40,879 39,417
Less Income and Grants (20,162) (18,301)
Less Housing Revenue Account (12,106) (12,092)
Contribution to/(from) HRA Reserves and Balances 204 (711)
Contributions from General Fund Reserves and Balances (566) (590)
New Budget Requirement 8,249 7,723
New Homes Bonus (921) (738)
Net Retained Business Rates (2,920) (2,422)
Collection Fund Surplus (93) (97)
Council Tax Requirement (NWBC) 4,315 4,466
Parish Precepts 1,019 1,074
Total Council Tax Requirement (NWBC & Parishes) 5,324 5,540

2020 -2021 Council Tax Bands

Band Number of Properties NWBC £ WCC £ Adult Social Care £ WPCC £ Parishes £ Total £
A/AR 6,557 141.53 905.52 87.06 158.65 34.04 1,326.80
B 7,286 165.12 1,056.44 101.57 185.09 39.72 1,547.94
C 6,131 188.71 1,207.36 116.08 211.53 45.39 1,769.07
D 3,883 212.30 1,358.28 130.59 237.87 51.06 1,990.20
E 2,382 259.48 1,660.12 159.61 290.85 62.40 2,432.46
F 1,276 306.66 1,961.96 188.63 343.73 73.75 2,874.73
G 722 353.83 2,263.80 217.65 396.62 85.10 3,317.00
H 73 424.60 2,716.56 261.18 475.94 102.10 3,980.40
Total 28,310            
Percentage change   2.41% 3.99% 4.38% 4.29% 3.87%

NWBC: North Warwickshire Borough Council

WCC: Warwickshire County Council

WPCC: Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Why the Council Tax changed this year Amount £'000s
Amount raised from Council Tax 2019/20 4,315
Inflation 347
Unavoidable spend pressures 10
Service changes (1,662)
Savings and Efficiences (790)
Changes in income (282)
Change in Grants Received 1,959
Decrease in investment in our capital assets (4)
Use of reserves and balances (24)
Increase in intrest and investments (80)
Changes in funding:  
Reduced income from Business rates 498
Reduction in New Homes Bonus 183
Increased income from the Collection Fund (4)
Amount to be collected from Council Tax 2020/21 4,466

North Warwickshire Borough Council use the 10.67 % of the council tax you pay to provide services including:-

  • 2 Leisure Centres,and 1 Leisure Complex comprising a 25 metre pool, a learner pool and fitness suite
  • Atherstone Memorial Hall - main entertainment and function venue which is available for sports and communal use
  • Refuse and Recycling collected from 28,300 domestic properties and 369 trade properties
  • Recycling 50% of your household waste
  • Street cleaning and road sweeping throughout the Borough including site clearance of tipped rubbish
  • Maintaining 26 play areas and 7 football pitches
  • A partnership with the Queen Elizabeth School to manage 1 Artificial Grass Pitch and community use of the School Sports Hall
  • Issuing 683 licences relating to premises and individuals to allow the sale of alcohol and gambling and companies and individuals relating to Hackney and Private Hire vehicle
  • Dealing with 900 planning applications
  • Providing 71 industrial units available to rent for small businesses
  • Maintaining Public Conveniences in Atherstone
  • Operating public car parks through out the Borough
  • Support for the homeless and investment in homelessness prevention
  • Providing advice on benefits
  • Dealing with noise and other statutory nuisances, air pollution monitoring and statutory duties with regard to contaminated land
  • Visiting food premises to ensure cleanliness and safety
  • Producing the local tier of the Development Plan and other documents required as a statutory duty
  • The cost of collecting Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates

In addition to spending on day to day services the council also spends money on the provision of new assets and the replacement and improvement of existing assets.

The spending plans for the council in 2020-21 are set out below:-

Spend £'000s
Housing Services - £5,841
Building, Facilities and Other Assets £3,311
ICT - Hardware and Software £553

Staff Employed – (Full Time Equivalent)

2019/2020 346 Employees
2020/2021 343 Employees

The adult social care precept note

In relation to the financial year beginning in 2020 the Secretary of State has determined (and the House of Commons has approved) a referendum principle of 5% (comprising 2% for expenditure on adult social care and 3% for other expenditure) for adult social care authorities. These authorities may therefore set council tax up to this percentage in 2020 without holding a referendum.

Accounts Online

You can use the portal to view:-

  • Your council tax bill
  • Your balance
  • Payments made and future payments

Access the portal via the NWBC website and clicking on “view your council tax account”.

Council Tax – Frequently Asked Questions?

When do I have to pay my council tax?

You can pay by 10 or 12 monthly instalments. Instalments are due on the 1st of each month (unless you are paying by Direct debit). If you wish to pay by 12 monthly instalments please contact the Billing Team on 01827 719357.

Can I pay by Direct Debit?

Yes - this is the recommended and preferred payment method - phone 01827 719357 to arrange. We can set up your direct debit over the phone.

When are Direct Debits taken from my account?

You can select your preferred payment date from 1st of each month, 5th of each month. 15th of each month, 25th of each month or weekly on a Friday.

Can I pay by debit card?

Yes - if you have a debit card you can pay your council tax 24 hours a day 7 days per week via a dedicated payment line phone 01827 719421 or go to

What if I live alone - do I get a discount?

Yes - if you are the only adult living in your home, you may be entitled to a 25% single person discount. For further details or to apply for discount availability phone 01827 719357 or visit:

What if I am on a low income or unemployed?

All working age households will now be expected to pay 8.5% of the amount due before any council tax support is calculated. However pensioners may be eligible for a full discount.

Other exemptions and discounts do apply and further information is available from the Revenues Section on 01827 719357 or on the web and clicking on council tax.

What if my circumstances change?

You should always notify the Revenues Section immediately if your circumstances change in any way as it may affect the council tax payments that you need to make.

Can I get my bill electronically?

Yes – Sign up to the NWBC portal via the NWBC website and click on view your council tax account.

Last updated Tuesday, 24th August 2021

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