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Extra Garden Waste Service

You can choose to have extra green bins collected for an annual fee. This fee is currently £40 per bin (1st June 2019 - 31st May 2020). The Extra Garden Waste Service is optional; the Council will continue to empty one green bin, for garden and food waste, per household.

Sign up is now closed for the 2019-20 scheme year.
You will be able to sign up for the 2020-21 scheme year from March/April 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a charge to empty extra green bin(s)?

For a number of years it was Council policy to only provide one green bin for garden and food waste per household. Before this time some households were provided with additional green bins which were still in use. Unfortunately with increasing pressures on the green bin collection service and the need for the Council to save money, emptying additional green bins free of charge is no longer sustainable.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Councils can charge for the collection of garden waste as it is not a statutory service. Many local authorities are charging for the collection of all garden waste. North Warwickshire is only charging for the collection of extra green bins - your first bin remains free.

What can go in extra green bins?

Extra green bins are only for garden waste. Please continue to put food waste in your first green bin only.

When will my extra green bin be emptied?

Extra green bins are collected on the same dates as your first green bin and as such extra green bins will not be emptied during the winter service break. Please make sure your extra green bin(s) are presented for collection by 6:30am.

How many extra green bins can I have?

There is currently no limit. The charge applies to each extra bin.

How much does it cost?

The 2019-20 fee is £40 per year per bin and the scheme year runs from 1st June to 31st May. There are no concessions and there is no discount for part year sign up so it is best to sign up early. If you need extra bin(s) delivered the new and replacement bin fee will apply.

How can I pay?

You can pay by card online or by phone. Existing customers will be contacted in Spring with details of how you can renew by direct debit.

How will the collection team know I have paid?

If you sign up we will send you a sticker in the post to put on your extra green bin. If you renew, we'll send you a new sticker each scheme year.

We also have an electronic record of which property has paid for extra green bins to be emptied and how many.

Can I sign up part way through a year?

Yes, however there is no discount for part year sign up so it is best to sign up early to benefit most from collections. Please note sign up for 2019-20 has now closed.

If weather disrupts service (for example snow) will I receive a refund for the service?

No refunds will be given for this service.

What will happen if you miss my extra green bin?

We will return to collect it. The crews will aim empty all missed green bins on the return visit.

What will happen if I don't want to pay?

We will continue to empty your first green bin free of charge. Extra green bins which are not signed up to the Extra Garden Waste Service will not be emptied and these will be removed by the Council in due course.

Once extra green bins have been removed, if you decide to sign up to the scheme and need an extra bin the replacement bin fee will apply.

What will happen if I move to another house in North Warwickshire?

Please let us know where you are moving to and we will update our records. You can take the extra green bin(s) with you when you move but you must leave your first green bin behind.

What will happen if I move outside of North Warwickshire?

You will need to leave the bins at the registered address.  Unfortunately no refund will be given.

I live outside the North Warwickshire boundary, can I sign up to the Extra Green Bin Service?

No. We only provide this service for residents of North Warwickshire. If you live outside the area check if your council offers this service instead.

I don't want to sign up and I no longer require my additional green bin(s)

Please complete this online form and we will collect the bin(s) back in.

I don't want to sign up but can I keep my additional green bin(s)?

No because we can use the bins again or have them recycled.

How will you use my personal data when I sign up?

We will keep an electronic record of your name, address and contact details when you sign up. We will use these details to contact you if there is a problem with payment and to tell you about how you can renew your subscription.

What can I do with additional garden waste if I don't sign up to the service?

Additional garden waste can be taken to your local recycling centre, or can be composted in a home composting bin.

What are the terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions

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