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Green bin collections

Green Bin Collection FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about the service from 1st April 2021

Don’t you have to collect my green bin by law?

Collection of garden waste is a discretionary service which means the Council is not required by law to collect it. The Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 permit councils to make a charge for this service. Two thirds of Councils in England charge for garden waste collection.

What do I pay my Council Tax for?

Your council tax is split between North Warwickshire Borough Council, Warwickshire County Council, Police services and your town or parish council. In 2020-21 North Warwickshire BC received less than 11% of your total Council Tax. Of this a small amount is for waste services. Overall waste collection amounts to less than 1% of your total Council Tax bill. To find out more about Council Tax please follow this link:

Why are you charging to empty green bins?

North Warwickshire Borough Council have provided a free garden waste collection service for as long as possible however pressures on budgets are extremely high and the Council has had to make difficult decisions regarding spending on discretionary services (services which the Council has no legal duty to provide). Collection of garden waste is one of these services. Councillors agreed to introduce the charge at the Executive Board meeting on 10th February 2020. This decision was ratified at Full Council on 26th February 2020.

Recognising that green bin collections are valued by many residents the decision has been made to provide an opt-in chargeable service rather than withdraw the service altogether.

When can I sign up?

Sign up is expected to open in February 2021 ahead of the service starting on 1st April 2021. You will be able to sign up online or by phone. After you sign up you will receive a permit sticker within 10 days. You are advised to sign up by mid-March to allow time for your sticker to be delivered.

When will you empty my green bin?

The collection day and frequency will not change. Green bins will not be emptied for one collection at Christmas/New Year nor during the annual winter service break. Please make sure your green bin(s) are presented for collection by 6:30am on the scheduled day. It is possible that, depending upon the level of sign-up, we may collect your green bin(s) earlier or later than usual. If  you forget to put your bin out for collection we will not return for it until your next scheduled service.

What can I put in my green bin?

You can continue to use your green bin for garden waste. See a list of what you can put in your green bin by     following this link:  The Council is not making a charge to collect food waste but, if you choose to, it can still be put in the green bin as the method that the material is composted by Warwickshire County Council has not changed.

I’m an Extra Garden Waste Service customer what do I need to do?

The Extra Garden Waste Service is now closed and all subscriptions will end on 31st March 2021. If you pay for this service by direct debit no further payment will be taken and your service will not renew.

You can still sign up for as many green bins as you wish. The £40 charge applies to each green bin (including your ‘first’ green bin). You will be able to sign up online or by phone from February 2021.

I currently have an Assisted Collection for all of my bins, will this continue?

Yes, provided you have joined the scheme and have a valid permit sticker on your bin(s)

Will you take any extra waste I produce if I leave it bagged by me green bin?

We will only collect waste from green bins that display a valid permit sticker. We will not take any side-waste unless you have been specifically advised of this. If you regularly produce additional garden waste you can sign u for more than one bin.

I hardly use my green bin, can I pay for part of the year instead?

No. To make the administration of the service as cost effective and efficient as possible there are no discounts for part year sign up. No refunds will be given to residents that want to stop using the service after they have signed up.

What if I move house?

If you move house within the Borough please contact us. We will transfer your service to your new address and send you a new sticker at no extra charge. If you have more than one green bin you will be able to take your additional green bins with you. Please leave your first bin behind.

If you move house outside the Borough you will need to leave all the bins at your old address. It will not be possible to give a refund for any remaining term

What if I don’t want to pay?

The Garden Waste service is optional and if you do not wish to sign up you do not need to do anything. We will stop emptying your green bin(s) after your last collection day in March 2021.

I don’t want to sign up – what do I do with my garden and food waste?

You can take your garden waste to any Household Waste and Recycling Centre (tip) in Warwickshire. The closest sites are Lower House Farm, Dordon and Judkins, Nuneaton. ( )

You could also compost your garden and food waste at home. There are many different types of compost bins available which are subsidised by Warwickshire County Council (from £10). You could also make your own for very little or no cost. Home composting is the most environmentally friendly waste to deal with garden waste and Warwickshire County Council run free to attend workshops about how to get started.

You could also switch to a mulch mower which recycles the cuttings back to your lawn.

I don’t want to sign up – what do I do with my green bin?

We will not be collecting green bins back in straight away as we are conscious that some residents may change their mind as the growing season progresses. If you are certain you will not sign up for the service, you can request the collection of the bin from August 2021. Please note once your green bin is removed, if you later change your mind and wish to join the scheme, you will be liable to pay the full amount for the delivery of a new/replacement bin in addition to the annual subscription fee.

Will there be more fly tipping?

We have spoken to other authorities who have introduced charges and they have not seen an increase in garden waste fly tipping. Fly tipping is a serious crime and anyone caught could get an unlimited fine and/or prison sentence.  We have mobile CCTV cameras sited around the Borough to catch offenders in the act. All fly tips are investigated and fly tippers are prosecuted where possible. If you see fly tipping you can report it online.

There will be queues at the tip?

We are working with Warwickshire County Council who are aware of the introduction of the charge and the possible impact this may have. To find out more about household waste and recycling centres please follow:  

Will there be any concessions or discounts available?

No. The charge £40 per bin, per year, applies equally to all customers. There will be no discounts available for multiple bins, nor for refunds/discounts for part-year collections .

You are not encouraging people to recycle

Rather than withdraw the service altogether the decision was made to introduce an opt-in charge. We encourage all residents to keep recycling their garden and food waste by signing up to the collection service, home composting or taking your garden waste to a household waste recycling centre.

I’m going to put my garden waste in the black bin

Garden waste should not be placed in residual waste bins. Doing this increases the costs of treating your black bin waste which may in turn lead to increases in Council Tax. Your black bin waste in sent to an Energy from Waste facility where it is burnt to generate electricity. Garden waste makes this process more difficult and may mean the waste needs to be diverted to another disposal route such as landfill, at additional cost. We encourage home composting, mulch mowing or taking your garden waste to any Household Waste and Recycling Centre (tip) in Warwickshire.

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Last updated Friday, 12th February 2021

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