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Maggots in bins

Advice about maggots in bins

Maggots are fly larvae. If flies settle on your rubbish or food they may lay eggs which can hatch out as maggots within 24 hours (therefore the frequency of refuse collections is irrelevant). Maggots are unpleasant but there is no evidence to suggest that they cause health problems. The best approach is to be careful with your rubbish and food and ensure that flies can't get to it. 

To reduce the risk of maggots

  • Keep your bin lids closed
  • If possible, store bins out of direct sunlight
  • Always bag items such as nappies and animal waste
  • Tie bin bags tightly
  • Keep food covered inside your home and in the garden
  • Rinse food off your recycling before you put it in your bin
  • Wrap food waste in newspaper or use compostable liners before putting it in your green bin
  • In hot weather, consider placing food waste in the next bin due to be collected (alternate between black bin one week and green in the next week)

If you find maggots in your bin

Most maggots will go when your bin is emptied. After it has been emptied you can clean your bin with disinfectant and plenty of water. A fragrant cleaner will deter flies. If you do not want to wash out your bin professional bin cleaning companies can be found online or in local papers.

You are responsible for your own waste and the cleanliness of your bin.

Last updated Tuesday, 7th April 2020

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