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Bin repairs and replacements

How to order a replacement, repair or collection of a spare bin/insert

If your bin is damaged, we may be able to repair it free of charge.

We do not charge for bin inserts, collection of a spare bin, change of bin size or extra bin capacity. 

If you need a replacement bin there is a charge of £36 per bin, unless you have received a 'replacement bin card'. Unless you have over 5 people in your household and have had a waste assessment, you are only allowed 1 of each bin per household.

Your bin and/or insert should be delivered, repaired or collected by the Council within 10 working days. Please note, whilst we always endeavour to complete your request within the timescales advised, stock levels and unforeseen circumstances may result in delays which are outside the Council’s control.

Your bin needs to be EMPTY and accessible when we collect/repair it.  

Replacement, repair or collection of a spare bin/insert

Last updated Thursday, 30th March 2017

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