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Bin repairs and replacements

Frequently asked questions about charging for replacement bins

My bin is missing or has been stolen - what do I do? 

Look around the street in case it has been left outside someone else's house. If you suspect the bin has been stolen you can report it to the police and claim on your home insurance if you wish. The Council cannot take any action over neighbour disputes.

If you can't find it you can order a replacement bin from the Council. You are advised to clearly mark your door number and street, on the outside and inside of the bin.

My bin is damaged - what do I do?

Splits in bins are usually the result of fair wear and tear. Splits may occur when the bin is emptied but this does not mean the damaged has been caused by the collection team. The emptying cycle is repeated hundreds of times during the life of a standard wheeled bin without causing issue. We have many bins in the Borough that are over 15 years old that are still in good condition.  

If the bin is cracked or broken within two years of the date of manufacture we will replace it free of charge. We will check the date the bin was made before a replacement is issued to you. If the bin is over two years old there is a charge for each replacement bin including delivery.

I can't afford a new bin, can it be repaired instead? 

The Council provides a free of charge bin repair service. Where possible we will replace wheels and repair splits in the body of the bin by taping over them. You can also repair the bin yourself. If it is safe to do so we will continue to empty your bin if a side or lid is split. If the bin is beyond repair you will need to order a replacement.

What if the bin men damaged by bin?

If a bin is damaged and the fault lies with the Council's collection crew this will be recorded by the crew and (if the bin was numbered) they will leave a note with a reference number explaining how we will replace it free of charge.

Can I just present black bags instead?

No, your waste needs to be in the correct bin.

Can I buy bins from somewhere else?

Bins must be compatible with the Council's vehicle lifting mechanism and meet our requirements for quality, size and colour. Poor quality bins or bins of a different design pose a serious safety risk so we will not empty bins which do not meet these requirements.

You can buy a bin elsewhere however purchasing one of the same specification is likely to cost you more than ordering a replacement through the Council as we buy the bins in bulk.

Why does the Council charge for replacement bins?

Due to the continual increase in the demand for replacement bins (before the changes to the policy, it was costing in in excess of £100,000 per year) and the current financial climate, we adopt a system of charging for replacement bins in line with many other councils. The decision was agreed by the Council's Community and Environment Board in October 2016. The charge which has been introduced only covers the cost of replacement and delivery.

Why do I have to pay when I pay council tax?

The Council Tax that the Borough Council receives is only a small proportion of your whole Council Tax bill. The Borough Council's proportion is then further split to each service. Replacement bins is an additional burden on the Council's budgets and one which has been increasing year on year. The introduction of this charge will help with continuing to deliver key frontline services in line with residents' expectations.

Who does the bin belong to?

Any existing, new or replacement bins supplied by us remain the property of the Council. Bins are allocated to serve a specific property, not an individual resident.

How do I complain about this?

Using the Council's complaints procedure.

Last updated Tuesday, 29th March 2022

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