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Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It can be dangerous and it ruins the appearance of your neighbourhood. Fly-tipping is a serious crime and anyone caught could get an unlimited fine and/or a prison sentence.

If you pay someone to get rid of your rubbish, always check they have a Waste Carriers Licence. You can check if a company has a licence online - opens in a new window. Retain proof of their licence by saving or printing a copy, or by taking a photo of it.

You, as the householder, are responsible for where the rubbish is left. If it is fly-tipped and items are traced back to you, you could be prosecuted or issued with a fixed penalty notice of £200 for failure of duty of care. Be particularly careful with cold callers at your door or offers on social media to remove any waste for cash.

Any dumped hazardous waste such as asbestos can lead to a prison sentence of up to five years.

For more advice for householders see National Fly-tipping Prevention Group

How to report fly-tipping

If you see someone fly-tipping or come across waste which has been dumped try to note as many details as possible such as:

  • type of rubbish and how much there is (remember - don't touch it as it could be dangerous)
  • location of the rubbish - whether the dumped waste is near to any water such as a stream or river
  • description of the person(s) dropping the waste - height, age range and build
  • description of the vehicle used or any nearby vehicles acting suspiciously - registration numbers, make, model, colour and any special markings/logos

If you see someone fly-tipping, it may be safest if you do not approach them.

Please do not disturb the site in case there is evidence within the waste which can be used to catch and prosecute those responsible.

Report fly-tipping online now

If you have information about fly-tipping that has already been removed, please use the online form below to tell us about it.

Fly-tipping is gone, but I saw who did it

Where can I get rid of rubbish?

If you are a resident or business, there is no reason why the waste you produce cannot be collected by a licensed waste carrier or taken to a licensed site.

If you are a resident you can also:

  • Take extra waste to Lower House Farm recycling centre
  • Book a bulky waste collection
  • Have usable items collected for free by a charity
  • Dispose of old or unwanted tyres through your local tyre retailer

Businesses are responsible for ensuring the waste they produce is correctly disposed of, so they should check that the contractor they use is licensed. We offer a chargeable trade waste collection service. Or if you would rather take your business waste to a recycling centre visit the Warwickshire County Council website to find out how.

How we use CCTV to detect fly-tipping

We use CCTV cameras around the Borough to detect fly-tipping and CCTV warning signs are posted on approach to all camera locations to inform you of their presence. These cameras record images and video when triggered by movement and as a result footage will include people, animals and vehicles. To protect against theft, many of our cameras automatically transmit images back to us as they are captured. All cameras are checked at regular intervals and footage which is not relevant is deleted at the earliest opportunity. Footage which we suspect is involved in a crime is investigated by the Environmental Health team and the Police where appropriate.

For more information visit the CCTV page and see the Council's Privacy Notice

Last updated Thursday, 7th April 2022

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