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Local Housing Allowance

How is Local Housing Allowance worked out?

Local Housing Allowance does not depend on how much rent is being paid. The amount available to an individual will depend upon:

  • Your family composition
  • The area that you live in
  • How much money is coming in
  • What savings you have

As a prospective tenant you will be able to shop around with your allowance. If you find a property you like with a rent that exceeds your allowance, you must make up the difference yourself.

How is the LHA rate worked out?

The amount is based on a set area where you live or are proposing to live, known as the BRMA (Broad Rental Market Area) and the number of bedrooms required for you and your family. The amount is set by the rent Service and is published every month - view our LHA Rates page.

Last updated Wednesday, 30th September 2015

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