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Free School Meals

Calling All Parents!

Free school meals
Free school meals

Free School Meals

Get a free school meal and benefit health check today, and you may get extra funding for your school.

We are working together with Warwickshire Welfare Rights Advice Service (WWRAS) to help parents and carers identify if they are entitled to claim a free school meal for their child and to identify any additional benefit that the family may be missing out on. WWRAS will complete all the forms needed to help you claim what you are entitled to.

How to take part in the check

Contact WWRAS:
•    024 7637 2069

You will need to provide:
•    your name
•    contact telephone number
•    name of the school your child attends

Why are free school meals important?

The family and children benefits:
•    healthy balanced meal helps children to concentrate and learn better
•    children have better results and grades when they have a full tummy and perform better in sport
•    eating around a table at school helps children to socialise
•    helps put more money into family pockets which also helps the local economy
•    no need to worry about whether you have food in the house for school lunches
•    encourages children to develop healthy eating habits and reduce levels of obesity

The school benefits:
•    for every child that is entitled to a free school meal, the school is also entitled to additional funding
•    when you successfully apply for a free school meal, the school will receive an extra funding
•    this additional funding helps your school to provide more support, extra activities and opportunities for the students

It’s quick and easy to apply online, visit

Last updated Wednesday, 22nd March 2023

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