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Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Applying for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Universal Credit Updates

Please note: North Warwickshire became Full Service for Universal Credit on 12th September 2018. This means that most customers will no longer be able to make new claims with us for Housing Benefit but will claim using Universal Credit.  Housing Benefit will still be available for people that are exempt from Universal Credit Housing Costs such as Pensioners, people living in Temporary Accommodation or Supported Exempt Accommodation.  Visit our Universal Credit pages to find out what to do next.

What are Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support?

  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support are means tested and the amount you may receive will depend on your personal circumstances
  • Housing Benefit can help you pay your for the property you live in. Housing Benefit cannot be used to pay a mortgage
  • Council Tax Support can help you pay towards Council Tax on your home

How can I find out if I might be entitled to any help without filling out the claim form:

You can use a benefit calculator to find out which benefits you might be entitled to without completing the online claim form. For more information please visit:

Guidance notes

The online Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support claim form has been specially designed to be easy to fill in.

• The form will help and guide you as you work through it, to ensure you only fill in the parts that are relevant to your claim; this makes it much easier to fill in than a paper form: the form checks for errors and highlights anything you have missed
• The form is secure and all your information is encrypted
• When inputting amounts on the claim form, please use the format of 00.00, you do not need to use £ or commas

To start your claim for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support please click the button below:

Claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support here

If you need help to fill in this form

If you have any questions or need help to fill in your application form, you can phone us on 01827 719368, or visit NWBC offices or one of our Community Hubs. Please follow the link for the hub opening times Because it takes up to 45 minutes to complete an application for benefits, 4:30pm is the latest time you can request help at NWBC offices. So, to ensure you get all the help you need, come as early as possible. Our One Stop Shop opening hours are: Mon - Fri  09:00 - 17:00.

Evidence of your Identification

When you make a new application for Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax Support, you will need to provide proof of your identity. Please refer to the link below to make sure that you provide the right evidence to support your claim.

Last updated Friday, 12th July 2019

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