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Fitness Class Timetable - Atherstone

Come and join in the fun!

Spice up your training routine with one of our fitness classes delivered by our friendly and qualified instructors. Suitable for all ages (14 years +) and abilities, getting fit is only a heartbeat away.

Fitness classes
Day Classes Times Instructor
Monday  Fitbike 7:00am - 7:45am Merrick
  Fitbike Express 12:15pm - 12:45pm Merrick
  Circuits+ 6:00pm - 7:00pm Ash
  Clubbercise 7:15pm - 8:00pm Kerry
  Barbell Pump 8:15pm - 9:00pm Kerry
Tuesday  Fitbike 7:00am - 7:45am Merrick
  Circuits 12:45pm - 1:30pm Ash
  Aqua Blast+ 7:00pm - 8:00pm Kerry
  FitBike+ 7:15pm - 8:00pm Dave
  Fitbike 8:15pm - 9:00pm Dave
  Fitbox 8:15pm - 9:00pm TBC
Wednesday  Fitbike 7:00am - 7:45am Merrick
  Aqua Fit 1:30pm - 2:30pm Kerry
  Barbell Pump + 6:15pm - 7:00pm Kerry
  Clubbercise 7:30pm - 8:15pm Kerry
  Pound 8:15pm - 9:00pm Kerry
Thursday  Fitbike 7:00am - 7:45am Merrick
  HIIT 12.45pm - 1.30pm Ash
  Fitbike Express 1:15pm - 1:45pm Merrick
  Aqua Blast* 7:00pm - 8:00pm Kerry
  Yoga 7:45pm - 8:45pm Sally
Friday  FitBike 7:00am - 7:45am Merrick
  Fitbike Express 12:45pm - 1.30pm Ash
  ABS Blast 1:15pm - 1:45pm Ash
  Kettlebell + 5.30pm - 6.15pm Ash
Saturday  ABS Blast 9:00am - 9:30am Gym Staff
  Fitbike 9:30am - 10:15am Dave
  Yoga 11:45am - 12:45pm Sally
Sunday ABS Blast 9:30am - 10:00am Gym Staff
  Fit-Bike 10:00am - 10:45am Dave
  Zumba 11.15am - 12.00pm Kerry
  Pound 12:00pm - 12:45pm Kerry
  Aqua Fit + 1:00pm - 2:00pm Kerry

Booking recommended for all classes, limited places, please ask reception to book. Classes are only included in the membership of the Ultimate package unless otherwise stated. Classes subject to change at management's discretion. Users must be 14+ to attend fitness classes. For more information on the classes and their content please contact us on 01827 719 321 or email us at

+ Link to the NWBC Leisure YouTube Channel

Join At Home is our 'NEW' online service that enables you to sign up from the comfort of your own home

Fitness class description

Aqua Blast/ Aqua Fit: Pumping music, sociable surroundings and an alternative way to work all the muscles in the body is what's making water based exercise an appealing option for everyone. Training against the water makes it a resistance workout as well as an aerobic one! Aqua Fit is geared to a gentler class whereas Blast is the next step up!

Circuits: High-intensity workouts that'll work you aerobically and anaerobically, using cardio training techniques, resistance training and bodyweight training. Moving quickly between stations ensures you get the most work out of a class. The ideal class for fat burning and muscle building.

Fit-Bike (Spin Bikes): Take your cardio workouts to the next level. Stationary bikes are used to go through high resistance sections, sprint sections and even standing sections. One of the best ways to burn body fat in a single session.

Kettlebell Training: Kettlebell training combines cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. Typical exercises build strength and endurance in the lower back, legs and shoulders however kettlebells engage the whole body. Kettlebell training often involves a large numbers of repetitions and exercises are repeated continuously for several minutes or with short breaks similar to that of high intensity interval training.

Running Club: Goals of getting fitter and losing weight? You know running is one of the best ways to reach them goals but struggle to get motivated? Well Running Club is perfect! Join a group with the same goals as you and get help from our coach in improving your ability!

Zumba: Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a one of a kind fitness workout. The classes will use both fast and slow rhythms to help sculpt your body whilst burning fat! Add some flavour to your training and enjoy the fun!

Clubbercise: NEW for 2016. Put the ‘night out’ into your workout. Fun easy to follow aerobic routines to 90’s club anthems. Because of its high/low impact options clubbercise is great if you are just starting out or a fitness fanatic.

HIIT: High-intensity interval training is the best way to burn off those last unwanted calories. With different levels of intensity to cater for all abilities to make sure everyone gets the most out of this class.

Last updated Wednesday, 24th May 2017

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