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Swimming Pools including Timetables

Swimming Timetables

Swimming Pool Timetables

Welcome to the pool timetables page. Here at ALC we have two pools and details are below.

Main Pool

  • Traditional pool with 4 lanes
  • Size: 25 metres x 8.5 metres
  • Depth: 0.9 metres at shallow, end sloping to 1.4 metres, at slope starts at 2 metres at deepest part, then back up to 1.8 metres at deep end wall
  • Water Temp: 29.5 -  30

Learner Pool

  • Size: 12 metres x 10 metres
  • Depth: 0.75 metres to 0.80 metres
  • Water Temp: 29.5 - 30

Click the links below to find out what is happening, when and where in our pools.

School Term Time   Holiday Activities
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  • Find out what are Term Times - links to Warwickshire County Council
  • Swimming prices
  • Pool inflatable session - you must be over the age 8 and swim 25 metres of a recognise stroke
  • CLOSED Bank Holidays 

Pool Admission Information

Please make sure that you check our Pool Admissions Policy before you come swimming, and read our session details page too.

Last updated Wednesday, 20th July 2022

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