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Thanks to everyone who took part in our leisure survey which closed on 12 January 2021, we had 218 responses in total.

The aim of the survey was to understand how we have performed through the pandemic and what we can do better now, and when restrictions begin to ease.

We were warmed by the comments on how staying active and interactive with us has helped people’s wellbeing and hope we continue to have a positive impact on your lives.

Overall we understand our leisure community have been happy with the service; safety measures; and communication through the pandemic, but of course there was plenty of feedback telling us what we can do to improve too.

More detailed action plans have been created with the aim improve the service we offer based on your feedback. Below is a snapshot of the more frequent feedback and what we are doing to improve service.

All Sites
You said We Did Status?
You wanted the showers and lockers available to use.
  • Plan to open a limited amount of showers throughout key parts the day (early mornings, lunch times)
  • Will have a limited amount of lockers available throughout the entire day
  • Add pod wipes to our section of cleaning options that are easier to wipe down lockers
Dependant on guidelines when they are released from governing bodies Pods have been ordered – awaiting delivery
You wanted us to be more visual during your workouts, either cleaning equipment ourselves or challenging other users that fail to clean after themselves 
  • Staff challenged with an ongoing cleaning rota that is checked hourly.
  • Staff will be encouraged to ensure all users follow the guidelines of self cleaning during a workout
  • An enhanced cleaning schedule in preparation for the early morning sessions

Induction scheduled between 8 March - 11 April for instructors and duty officers

The early prep will be competed in the Pm of the previous day
Clearer Signage throughout the building
  • We will ensure that all signage is revisited and made clear.
  • All non Covid signage to be removed or placed in correct noticeboard frames
  • Posters will also be changed to colour to make more visible
All removed, new material being created between 8 March – 11 April
Atherstone Only
More Cleaning in the Swim Lesson Drop Off Zone
  • We will ensure that staff are more visible during lesson times
  • Add pod wipes to our section of cleaning options so that parents can use on touch points if necessary
Pods have been ordered – awaiting delivery

People training together in the gym that aren’t part of a bubble

Pool rules need more enforcement

Deterrents for people not turning up to sessions after booking

Chewing gum on swimming pool changing floor

  • Gym team will be educated in being more proactive in challenging training groups
  • Lifeguards will have a top-up training session on the covid pool rules and will be educated more in challenging behaviour
  • This is something that is being looked at and will hopefully be in place in the near future
  • This has been removed

Staff training will be taking place prior to re-opening the centre post lockdown 3.0

Staff training will be taking place prior to re-opening the centre post lockdown 3.0


If your feedback is not shown, please be assured it’s probably on the more detailed action plan. If you would like specific information on any area of service development, please email and a member of the team will get in touch.

Now we have heard about how we have been performing during the pandemic, we want to know how we can best serve our community in the future when restrictions start to ease. Our next Survey will come out in February asking for exactly this. 

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During our recent Lockdowns we asked you how we had been performing with a short Survey, Below are some of the highlights from your responses.

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Customer Forums

We are holding Customer Forums at each of our leisure sites quarterly throughout the year for you to have your say. Please keep an eye on our social media pages for when these will take place.

However, if you are unable to attend or wish to make us aware of something you can still have your say by filling in the form below anytime.


Next Customer Forum: TBA

The next Customer Forums will take place in April 2021. If there is any specific feedback you wish to receive , please fill in the form above or alternatively you can email: and we will get back to you with our feedback.

Last updated Friday, 23rd April 2021

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