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Fitness class timetable - Coleshill

Class Timetable - As from September


Day Class Times Instructor
Monday Abs + Arms 12:15pm - 1:00am Anton
  Legs Bums & Tums + 1:00pm - 1:45pm Anton
  Fit bike* + 5:20pm - 6:00pm Hannah
  Legs Bums & Tums* 6:00pm - 6:55pm Angela
  Pilates + 6:05pm - 6:55pm Davina
  Kettlebell* + 7:00pm - 7:45pm Davina
Tuesday Fitbike 9:30am - 10:15am Davina
  Tai Chi + 12:00pm - 12:55pm Davina
  Barbell Pump* 1:00pm - 1:45pm Davina
  Barbell Pump* 5:15pm - 6:00pm Wendie
  Fitbike + Abs* 6.15pm - 7.00pm Wendie
  Fitbike* 7:05pm - 7:50pm Steve
  Boxercise *+ 7:00pm - 8:00pm Xavier
  Barbell Body Blitz 8:00pm - 8.45pm Steve
Wednesday Yoga + 9:30am - 10:30am Sharon
  Circuits 1:00pm - 1:45pm Zowie
  Rebound 5:15pm - 6:00pm Hannah
  Circuits 6:00pm - 7:00pm Paul
  Yoga* 6:00pm - 6:55pm Davina
  20/20 7:10pm - 7:55pm Jayne
Thursday Fifty Fitties + 10:00am - 10:45am Davina
  Clubbercise 12:15pm - 1:00pm Davina
  Pilates* 1:00pm - 1:45pm Davina
  Fit box* 5:15pm - 6:00pm Wendie
  HIIT & Abs + 6:05pm - 6:55pm Wendie
  Yoga* 8:05pm - 9:05pm Sharon
Friday Pilates* 9:00am - 9:45am Davina
  Rebound 12:00pm - 12:45pm Hannah
  Fit bike* 1:00pm - 1:45pm Davina
  Fit bike Express* 5:30pm - 6:00pm Hannah
  Circuits + 6:00pm - 7:00pm Paul
  Barbell Pump* 6:10pm - 6:55pm Hannah
Saturday Ab-Blast *+ 11:00am - 11:30am Rod
  HITT Express* 11:40pm - 12:10pm Rod
Sunday Fit bike* 9:15am - 10:00am Steve
  Hi-Lo Aerobics* 10:15am - 11:15am Angela
  Rebound 11:30am - 12:15pm Jayne

* booking required

+ Link to the NWBC Leisure YouTube Channel

Classes subject to change at the discretion of Coleshill Leisure Centre management.

Minimum age for all classes is 14 years

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Fitness Class Descriptions

Abs Blast - A 30 minute workout focusing on the abdominal/core areas.

Barbell Body Blitz - This challenging class, will give you the strength to go all day. Incorporating barbells, using different compound movements.

Barbell Pump - A weights based overall body workout.

Boxercise - Boxing fitness that combines two different style elements of aerobic activity into one class.

Circuits - High intensity station workouts that will test your aerobic and anaerobic limits.

Fit Bike - Take your cardio workouts to the next level as you’re taken through high resistance, sprint and climb sections.

FitBox - Boxing fitness that combines two different style elements of aerobic activity into one class.

50/50 - A class that combines two different style elements of aerobic and resistance activity into one class.

20/20 - 20 Minutes of fitbike, with 20 minutes of a mixture of kettlebell, barbell, aerobic or core work. To get all those body parts working to shift those calories!

Fifty Fitties - Take part in various aerobic, holistic and dance movements in this low impact fun and social cardio class.

HIIT - High intensity interval training is an intense but effective whole body workout proven to yield a higher calorie burn.

LBT - Legs, Bums and Tums is a classic workout that focuses on those traditional problematic areas.

Hi-Lo Aerobics - A fun workout without the high impact on the joints.

Pilates - An exciting and unique form of exercise that strengthens the core muscles and improves flexibility, posture and Spinal Health.

Rebound - A fun and funky way to get yourself in shape! You’ll be fat burning as you work out using your own personal trampet.

RIG Fit - Delivered on the gym floor, these classes recruit more muscle fibres and push you to your limits.

Yoga: During a vinyasa yoga class you will move through a flowing series of poses using the breath inhaling and exhaling into and out of postures. Physically you build strength, flexibility, improve respiratory function and range of motion. This class relaxes and calms the mind.

* These classes are bookable due to limited numbers.

Classes subject to change at management discretion. Must be 14+ to attend. For more information please contact us.

Last updated Wednesday, 29th August 2018

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