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Purchase a 12 month ultimate membership for the price of 9!

Atherstone Leisure Complex, Coleshill Leisure Centre and Polesworth Fitness Hub. 

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Full body M.O.T with tanita scales

Get your full body M.O.T.

Introducing, The multi frequency segmental body composition monitor.

Providing an instant analysis of your health and fitness.
Allowing you to easily perform measurements with specialist assistance. 
Carried out within 20 seconds with an easy to read dual display.
Save your results for further consultation with your goal setter or personal trainer.
Set goals, increase motivation, and monitor your progress.


•  Weight
•  Body mass Index (BMI)
•  Body Fat (kg / %)
•  Visceral Fat Indicator
•  Fat Mass
•  Fat Free Mass
•  Muscle Mass
•  Protein (kg)
•  Total Body Water (kg / %)
•  Extra-Cellular Water (kg)
•  Intra-Cellular Water (kg)
•  ECW/TBW Ratio
•  Basal Metabolic Rate
•  Basal Metabolic Rate Indicator
•  Bone Mineral Mass Indicator
•  Metabolic age
•  Physique Rating
•  Phase angle
•  Sarcopenia Index

Segmental Measurements

•  Body Fat (kg / %)
•  Fat Distribution Rating
•  Muscle Mass (kg)
•  Muscle Mass Rating
•  Muscle Mass Balance
•  Leg Muscle Score
•  Reactance/Resistance
•  Phase Angle

Ask a member of our team for more details.

Tel: 01827 719 321

Last updated Friday, 24th November 2023

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