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RMD Proposals

Atherstone Sports Club and its member sections Atherstone Cricket Club, Atherstone Rangers Football Club, Atherstone Adders Hockey Club and Atherstone Rugby Club conducted a consultation to hear the communities’ views on their proposals for creating additional sports pitches at Royal Meadow Drive, Atherstone.

The club propose to make the following improvements:

  • Create an additional cricket pitch
  • Remove current disused skate area
  • Reorientation of the current adult rugby pitch
  • Create an additional 11 v 11 football pitch
  • Create an additional 9 v 9 football pitch
  • Create an additional 7 v 7 football pitch
  • Create an additional 5 v 5 football pitch
  • Reorientation the current junior rugby pitch and create a dual use space that will also provide additional  football pitches
  • Remove two copse areas to provide the space for the above
  • Improve access between the clubs current facility at Ratcliffe Road Sports Ground and Royal Meadow Drive to facilitate pitch maintenance

The feedback from the consultation can be viewed by clicking here.

Atherstone Sports Club and North Warwickshire Borough Council have signed a Tenancy at Will in realtion to a section of Royal Meadow Drive that will enable the club to deliver the improvements detailed above.


Work will commence on the removal of the 2 copse areas on Wednesday 3rd April 2019, the trees will be removed along with the roots with the ground brought back to level and finally the area will be seeded to allow the area to be brought into use as a sports pitch. An Environmental Impact Assessment will be carried out prior to work commencing to acertain the precence of nesting birds, if birds are found to be nesting works will be delayed until the end of the nesting season.

Work to remove the Skate Park will commence on 15 April 2019 and is expected to take one week. All of the tarmac and hard core will be removed, area will be levelled and seeded for use as sports pitches.





Last updated Monday, 1st April 2019

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